Trimble Tekla Structures 2018 Win

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Trimble Tekla Structures 2018 Win

Download Trimble Tekla Structures 2018 for Windows

Welcome to Tekla Structures 2018
Trimble announced the new version of Building Information Modeling (BIM) — Tekla Structures 2018. Continuous development of Tekla Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions demonstrates Trimble’s commitment to innovation in structural engineering, off-site prefabrication and on-site efficiency.

New Support tool

New way to edit model object properties

Easier way to change work planes

Undo modeling and drawing changes with the new Undo history command

Other user interface changes

New selection tool and other modeling improvements

More accurate analysis models and other analysis and design improvements

Faster rebar sets and other reinforcement improvements

Improvements in pour management

New way to manage drawing content and other mark and note improvements

Customized dimension line arrows and other dimensioning improvements

Other improvements in drawings

Template Editor 3.6 improvements

Reserve the next write out and other improvements in Tekla Model Sharing

Improvements in IFC export, import and conversion

Point clouds from 3D scanning

Updates in tools for concrete fabrication

Trimble Connector and other interoperability improvements

New service and license for Open API developers

New options for controlling visuals and other DirectX rendering improvements

Changes in advanced options

Changes in template attributes

Improvements in components

New documentation structure

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  1. odkhuu
    Odkhuu Sukhbaatar2018 September 16 16:45
    file was deleted
    1. Sonya2018 September 16 18:48
      Ok, fixed, try now.
      1. odkhuu
        Odkhuu Sukhbaatar2018 September 21 18:38
        file was deleted or not found
        1. Sonya2018 September 21 18:56
          No problem - fixed again.
          1. odkhuu
            Odkhuu Sukhbaatar2018 September 23 18:06
            do u have SP3?
            1. Sonya2018 September 23 18:07
              Will be later
  2. odkhuu
    Odkhuu Sukhbaatar2018 September 28 08:04
    do u have tekla tedd?
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