Adobe Animate CC 2019 v19.2.1.408 Multilingual Win x64

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Adobe Animate CC 2019 v19.2.1.408 Multilingual Win x64

Adobe Animate CC 2019 v19.2.1.408 Multilingual Win x64

The Adobe Animate team is excited to announce the latest version of Adobe Animate CC. This new version pushes the boundaries of the animation space with Asset warping, Layer Parenting, layer effects, and automatic lip syncing — all designed to enhance the quality of animations created with the tool. In addition, Animate CC 2019 enables 2D animators to use their existing skills for creating VR experiences (beta), introduces a new WebGL-based runtime (beta), significant performance enhancements to the HTML Canvas output, and much more.

Asset sculpting for vector and raster content
Create new poses faster for vector or raster content using handles on a shape to change the mesh. No need to redraw assets on every frame — just tween between poses and create animations.

Layer parenting and layer effects
Organize your assets on different layers in a parent-child hierarchy. When an object on the parent layer is moved, the child layer moves along with it.

Auto Lip-Sync
Don’t waste time matching mouth poses to sound inflections. The new auto lip-syncing feature will use machine learning to make it happen automatically.

VR authoring and publishing (beta)
Use an existing 2D skill set and export 360 or Panoramic VR animations. Stitch your existing 360 or panoramic images and create a virtual walkthrough, or let your imagination run wild and create a 360 animated experience using the drawing tools.

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