Vasco da Gama 12 HD Professional 12.01 Win x64

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Vasco da Gama 12 HD Professional 12.01 Win x64

Vasco da Gama 12 HD Professional 12.01 Multilingual Win x64

The perfect Vasco da Gama version for ambitious travel film makers, who place the highest demands on the quality of a route animation program. Films can also be optimally produced in full HD resolution. The extensive range of functions, including e.g. a large GPS database and the possibility to animate several travel routes within the same project ensure that the results you achieve will be nothing short of spectacular.

Vasco da Gama 12 - Simply beautiful travel routes
Experience the new possibilities of Vasco da Gama 12 and easily create beautiful travel animations. Start at dawn with a motorhome in Hamburg, see the sights of Paris, drive into the sunset to Barcelona and fly from there again towards the sun... Just beautiful!

New: Quick & Easy Assist 3 - Create beautiful travel animations quickly and easily
If you want to create a travel animation for your holiday movie, then Quick & Easy Assist 3 is just the thing for you. With just a few clicks you can put your route together or simply import your own GPS track. Now select your vehicle and let the journey begin. Many other new features provide you with more variety in the design, such as displaying a compass, navigation globe with position arrow, hiding and showing of text, setting stopover times, and other new features.

New: Clouds - cheerful to cloudy
Another visual highlight for your travel animation. Clouds are now also entering Vasco da Gama 12. You can choose from a wide range of different types, from cheerful to cloudy, but also stormy.

New: Clear pictures - better view of your most beautiful pictures
Upload your images to Vasco da Gama 12 and take advantage of the enhanced viewing experience. Your images are now always displayed in full richness, independent of light and shade, so your viewers won't miss a single detail.

New: Quiet movements simply no hectic pace
The "Calm Motion" function has been further refined and is now available in 4 levels. Decide individually to what extent the function should influence the event. The movements of the vehicles appear less hectic, creating harmonious animations.

New: Smoother camera movements the power lies in the tranquility
The "Calm Motion" function is now also available for the automatic camera modes. With just one click you can smooth choppy camera movements and create a smooth tracking shot. Your travel animations seem much more attractive.

New: GPS - Full GPS support in simple map mode
The simple map mode for flat maps now gets a big improvement. All GPS options are now also available in simple map mode. All you need for this is a geo-referenced map, e.g. from Vasco StreetMaps, then all functions such as searching for places, automatically placing sights, setting waypoints via GPS, using location display, etc., are available to you. Both map formats, WGS84 and Mercator, are of course supported.

New: Drones camera mode - tracks every move
The drone camera mode offers you exciting possibilities for the camera view. Automatic camera guidance follows every movement of your vehicle. Whether left or right, the camera adopts every change of direction. If you use the popular flight mode for your flight, the rolling movements of the aircraft are even transferred to the camera, resulting in fascinating camera movements.

New: BlueMarble 2018 Our earth in new splendor
Completely new and in connection with the new clouds an absolute eye-catcher for your travel animation. The land in rich colors, the sea in dark blue with Caribbean turquoise as a highlight at the most beautiful places in the world. Of course, the new map is also available for the small navigation globe.

New: National borders water and land can now be switched on separately
Now you have the freedom to choose whether you want to display the country borders only on land or also on water.

Additional improvements and modifications
- Improved earth atmosphere with finer nuances
- The map import for the simple map mode has been revised
- Additional country flags added, such as Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia
- 3D object animations can now be switched off for hold objects and free objects
- The standard location display (small globe) can now also be used in the simple map mode
- Easy Assist: the compass rose can now be positioned in all 4 corners
- Easy Assist: GPS tracks can now be imported
- Easy Assist: All GPS functions now also available in simple map mode

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