Pinnacle Studio Ultimate v23.0.1.177 & Content Pack (Win x64)

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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate v23.0.1.177 & Content Pack (Win x64)

Download new version of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate v23.0.1.177 plus Content Pack for Windows x64


Pinnacle Studio Ultimate video editing software. Edit your media your way with the power, creativity and control of Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate video editor – our best just got better! Pinnacle Studio Ultimate delivers the tools you need to create pro-like videos, including premium effects from NewBlue FX. With powerful features like new Morph transitions, Split Screen video, Multi-Camera video editing and more, you can create HD and 4K videos with the controls, filters and precision you need to edit like a pro. Get the controls you need and go beyond what you thought possible with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate!

Whats New Pinnacle Studio Ultimate v23:

It’s the most powerful Pinnacle Studio yet See what’s new in Pinnacle Studio 23, our best just got better!

NEW Video Mask Creator
Video Masks are a revolutionary tool for everything from basic fixes to advanced edits. Take advantage of Video Masks to blur out faces and licence plates, enhance subjects, or remove unwanted objects. Get inventive with pro-level cinematic effects including cloning subjects, customizing creative transitions, and more.

NEW Text Masks
Get creative and create pro-level titles using Text Masks. Show related footage through your text to add depth and interest to your next project.

NEW Selective Vectorscope
Take advantage of new Selective Vectorscope to correct color shifts between clips. Directly view and manipulate the color profile of your footage to keep skin tones consistent and looking natural, easily draw attention to objects, improve project cohesion, and more.

NEW LUT profiles
LUT profiles make it easy to instantly add cinema-grade color grading effects to your project. Alter the mood, add drama, and more by choosing from LUT presets.

NEW Clip Nesting
Group clips together on your timeline with the new nesting feature to reduce clutter and make it simple to navigate sections of your project.

NEW Copy/Paste Color Attributes
Maximize your workflow efficiency by easily duplicating your customizations across clips. The ability to instantly replicate your precise alterations will save you valuable minutes of editing time.

ENHANCED Keyframing
Improved keyframing controls enables you to customize your transitions and creative effects to the last detail.

NEW Export Alpha Channel
Preserve transparency in your video export for unique effect, or to use clips as overlays in future projects.

NEW 360 Freeze Frame
Explore a split second moment in time from all angles using new 360 video freeze frame.

NEW Create Animated GIFs
Capture facial expressions, actions, or artistic time lapses, and export the clip as a GIF for easy viewing across online platforms.

ENHANCED Three and Four-point editing
Insert clips at exactly the right moment of your project with the precision of three and four-point editing.

NEW NewBlue Audio Essentials
Add sound effects, such as chorus, delay, echo, and distortion, and streamline audio processing workflows with ease.

NEW Split Screen video templates
With new templates and smart alignment guides, easily create custom split screen videos.

NEW Batch processing
Ease your export process by processing multiple files at one time, minimizing required interaction.

ENHANCED Performance
Enjoy higher bitrate and enhanced Intel® Quick Sync video hardware acceleration.

NEW Training material
Learn the new features of Pinnacle Studio 23 with new training videos and written how-to tutorials.

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