Blender Market – Plug-ins Collection August 2019

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Blender Market – Plug-ins Collection August 2019

Blender Market – Plug-ins Collection August 2019


Layer Painter v1.1 for Blender 2.8
Layer Painter is an addon for blender 2.8. It uses Eevee to give realtime feedback while creating materials.

Bmesh Clean Add-On 1.01 for Blender 2.79
What is Bmesh clean? Did you import models from software like Sketchup or others? Would you like to clean them a little from all the useless edges, faces, vertices?

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Ezlattice Plus: Feature Packed Blender Add-On For Deforming/Reshaping Models Quickly In Edit/Object Modes v1.3
EZLattice is easily the most feature packed Lattice companion for Blender. EZLattice is a Blender add-on for quickly adding lattice editing to multiple objects, single objects or selected vertices in edit mode. You can easily add and apply lattice operations to enhance your models. Lattice editing is an easy way to deform, fix and reshape models quickly. It is especially great for fixing proportion issues in characters.

Pie Menu Editor v1.16
An add-on for Blender 2.79+/2.80+ that allows you to create pie menus, menus, popup dialogs, side panels and toolbars without coding.

Batch Operations 2 Smart Data-Management v0.67 For Blender 2.80
This Blender add-on is a highly sophisticated data manager. It can outline/arrange/control all your modifiers, materials, collections (and other data) in the currently open file, scene, visible objects. Select, Add, Remove, apply multiple operations on the selected modifiers, materials and collections or filter, search with custom user settings. Manage everything on the fly and keep a complete overview of your project. It is ideally suited for the large scenes where you especially need to clean, purge, merge and in other ways reorganize the project data at once.

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