Ephere Ornatrix for Maya 2014-2019 Win x64

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Ephere Ornatrix for Maya 2014-2019 Win x64

Ephere Ornatrix for Maya Win x64

Ephere Ornatrix - a complete hair, fur, and feather solution is now on Maya.

Key features:

Procedural hair
Friendly operator stack workflow for building hair
Strand groups for non-destructive filtering
Multiple dynamics options for all types of simulation
Familiar iterative refinement workflow
Easy to use groom preset system

Intuitive modeling tools
Brush, comb, and cut hair
Quickly define flow of fur on a surface with arrows
Frizz, curl, clump, and braid hair procedurally
Style hair by dragging control points
Use mesh strips to generate hair

Tight Maya integration
Works within Maya shape and nodes framework
Friendly shelf for a quick start
Rich 3rd-party renderer support
Easy SDK for access and extensions
Variety of import, export, and interop options

Feathers and foliage
Procedural feathers with control over shape and rotation
Blend multiple UV sets for advanced texturing
Scatter control over materials and shaders
Custom proxy mesh scattering over hair
Propagation controls for growing hair on hair

Whats New:
New: Pop up save file dialog in Animation Cache Node when no file name is selected during recording
New: Added an option to save HFG root data to an Alembic file
New: Added a "Conform to surface" option to Mesh from Strands
New: Added "Record Frame" button to AnimationCacheNode
New: Added viewport preview % to Animation Cache node
New: Added an option to Animation Cache node to record render version of the hairs
New: Added Hair or Guides option for Alembic import
New: Add texture atlas generation to Scatter operator
Fixed: Unable to access any edit mode in Edit Guides with no input strands
Fixed: PropagationOperator: Incorrect values on Distribution Multiplier attribute
Fixed: Crash when Attaching Roots and moving time slider
Fixed: Brush size relative to viewport is consistent on HiDPI displays
Fixed: Edit Guides changes strand shape rotation when only moving roots on surface
Fixed: Hair disappearing after toggling Hair from Guides on and off in some cases
Fixed: The shelf must not be focused when Ornatrix is loaded
Fixed: Octane 2018.1 doesn't render 1% hair in viewport
Fixed: Pressing "Clear Recorded Data" in Animation Cache node doesn't clear data in memory
Fixed: Moving root after shape changes can rotate the strand

Download links for Ephere Ornatrix for Maya 2014-2019 Win x64:

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