SketchUp: Click-Cuisine 2 – Kitchen of a button LT + PRO 2 (Win)

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SketchUp: Click-Cuisine 2 – Kitchen of a button LT + PRO 2 (Win)

SketchUp: Click-Cuisine 2 – Kitchen of a button LT + PRO 2 (Win)

Click Kitchen (Click Kitchen) is a name change after the product has been upgraded to the second generation. As the name suggests, the updated plug-in is more powerful, and the function is no longer in cabinet design, but in the kitchen. All features are involved.

Click Kitchen automatically replaces the template with a simple mouse click. Since 95% of your work can be done simply by viewing the image and clicking with the mouse, there is no language barrier for the user. And because the model uses dynamic components, the detail size can be automatically matched according to user settings, so it is very convenient to use. This plug-in is played from the original custom alliance of the whole house. Please, indicate the source.

How to use: This site provides installation version in English, version installation installation of Chinese installation only need to install in Sketch Master – Window Menu – Extension Manager.

Download links:

  1. oz012019 February 10 22:33
    The files has been deleted
    1. Sonya2019 February 11 15:19
      Fixed - try now
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Babis writes:
Sonya writes:
Yes, you'll can download it by premium
Sir_Galahat writes:
Hello do I need to become a premium/ paid user of nitroflare to be able to download the models ?
lexland writes:
thanks a lot for the nitro links ! ;)