Render stacks for 3ds Max 2015 to 2021 Win

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Render stacks for 3ds Max 2015 to 2021 Win

Render stacks for 3ds Max 2015 to 2021 Win

So, what’s renderStacks? It is a render pass/generic task manager for 3dsMax. If you have used RPManager, LPass Manager, Prism, StateSet, Scene State. It is something like that. But, it is aiming to be a lot smarter, faster and more stable.

In a nutshell, renderStacks allow you to define a sequence of tasks to be executed per pass, and you can have unlimited passes per scene. For example, you can tell renderStacks to “set viewport to Camera001 and resolution to 1920×1080 and assign output path to “Z:\project\awesome\…\v001\awesome_bty.exr” and set frame range to 100 to 300” and apply Red Plastic material for Teapots.” for a pass called “Bty”.

renderStacks will eliminate many common scene management duties from artists. Just configure passes once and concentrate on making art! How much render node time has been wasted because of a simple mistake? renderStacks will help to prevent many of the potential human errors. Even better, you can do all this with an artist firendly UI without coding a single line of script.

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