Octane Render for Cinema 4D V4.0-RC7-R4 Win/Mac

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Octane Render for Cinema 4D V4.0-RC7-R4 Win/Mac

What is OctaneRender?
OctaneRender is the world’s first and fastest GPU-accelerated, unbiased, physically correct renderer. What does that mean? It means that Octane uses the graphics card in your computer to render photo-realistic images super fast. With Octane’s parallel compute capabilities, you can create stunning works in a fraction of the time.

The release of the new OctaneRender 3, brings new state-of-the-art tools never seen before in any production renderer. Features include volumetric light field primitives and deep motion buffers for high frame rate VR rendering. The release also incorporates important industry standards for GPU rendering, including Open Shader Language (OpenSL) and OpenVDB for particle simulation.

Use OctaneRender to create images of the highest possible quality at speeds up to 50x faster than CPU-based, unbiased renderers. Attached to your editing tools? No problem! Octane supports more than 21 plugins and has a fully interactive, real-time 3D editing viewport. And with Octane 3.0 we provide integration to a beta version of the new Octane Render Cloud to scale for all of your on-demand GPU compute needs.

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  1. Gürkan2018 November 14 15:58
    for C4D R20?
  2. Alfre
    alfre_fb2018 November 14 17:41
    thanks a lot!! ^-^
  3. dayan
    dayân boucher2018 November 14 18:23
    i don't understand where is the standalone ?
  4. Alex Newport2018 November 14 18:31
    not work not crack
  5. Alex
    Alex7772018 November 14 19:02
    Please tell me how to install this version of Octane ? I don`t understand :((
    1. jeffrey spinner
      jeffglobal2018 November 15 00:14
      Uh oh, I'll try and see if I can, I've been waiting for this, so I can use R20... I'll asplain it to everyone...then again, like Arnold and BorisFX Sapphire with the BS rlm server, that never worked for me...

      The standalone is literally a second icon on your desktop, I think I also had to install it separatedly from the C4D plugin @Dayan.
      1. dayan
        dayân boucher2018 November 15 10:54
        yeah but this par of octane is just the c4d plug in it can't work without the standalone of octane v4 and they are no crack on this file so i don't understant this post ..
        1. jeffrey spinner
          jeffglobal2018 November 17 17:13
          oh, then my bad...

          Have you had any luck with any Arnold for C4D that runs the RLM server? (Any AMPED release?) I have not, but there is ONE post here (I think 2 now) that just replaces the AI.dll, and it works fine.
          1. Strong2019 June 30 14:55
            hey dude
            did u work with Octane V4 ??
            can u tell me how ?
            Please tell u we really need it
  6. Oleg2018 November 15 06:46
    This is only folder from c4d directory. Not work!
  7. TheDude2018 November 18 04:01
    This is no working
  8. erkj2018 November 30 14:07
    Not Crack No Working
  9. asd2018 December 3 17:29
    Crack? :( please add
  10. C4D2018 December 4 20:54
  11. fedorv03
    fedorv032018 December 8 11:31
    Hello, who can write for me instruction for installing Octane. I have random symbols in .txt document
  12. David S.2018 December 24 03:00
    After installation plugin warnings says there should be an dll file to run octane. After install that file plugin doenst work (asking a lisance)
  13. Siraaj
    sykboy2019 January 9 21:44
    Does anyone have a different username and password besides the last ones provided with Octane Render 3.07?
    Almost got it to work...
    1. Jeff2019 April 6 18:03
      did you manage to crack it ?
  14. Nash2019 April 9 15:08
    Cant understand.
    For what here that post if its dosnt work?
  15. willer2019 May 23 22:33

    Can you figure out a way to work? serial or crack?
  16. Miguelito el más chiquito2019 September 9 07:50
    Ok so it seems that in order to have octane working with C4D R20 you need to have a check box in the Octane Activitacion Dialog that allows you to check the following: "Use offline licensing on this computer". If this option its not showing up, its gonna be pretty hard to have Octane working, it seems that OTOY removed this check box in Octane 3.08.x and above (wich are the ones working in R20). The only way I can have Octane working is with C4D R19 (because that checkbox is showing up in Octane 3.07).
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