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AKVIS HDRFactory 6.1.965.17429 Multilingual
AKVIS HDRFactory 6.1.965.17429 Multilingual | 120 MB AKVIS HDRFactory is a versatile program for creating HDR images and making photo correction. High Dynamic Range Imaging is a technique used to produce an image with high dynamic range. The software makes HDR photos by combining several images of the same object taken with different exposure values.
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AKVIS NatureArt 11.0.1942.17707 Multilingual
AKVIS NatureArt 11.0.1942.17707 Multilingual | 86/90 MB It's hard to compete with nature in diversity and man has still much to learn from it. We are not able to create the Earth in seven days, but we can imitate some of its natural phenomena in digital art.
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AKVIS Neon 3.1.458.17426 Multilingual
AKVIS Neon 3.1.458.17426 Multilingual | 118/121 MB AKVIS Neon lets you create amazing glowing lines effects. The software transforms a photo into a neon image that looks like drawn with luminescent ink. The program does not require any special skills, it is easy to learn and apply. It provides a collection of ready-to-use presets which help you quickly create a huge variety of incredible effects. With AKVIS Neon you can transform an ordinary
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AKVIS Noise Buster 10.3.3018.17455 Multilingual
AKVIS Noise Buster 10.3.3018.17455 Multilingual | 125 MB No More Noise on Your Digital Pictures! AKVIS Noise Buster is noise reduction software. It efficiently reduces noise and grain in your images. Digital cameras opened the door to easy and entertaining photography. However, consumer digital cameras also have their drawbacks: they often produce the so-called digital noise. It can be seen as artifacts or grains that compromise the smoothness
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AKVIS OilPaint 8.0.665.17565 Multilingual
AKVIS OilPaint 8.0.665.17565 Multilingual | 149/153 MB AKVIS OilPaint is photo to painting software that creates oil paintings from photographs. The characteristic feature of the program is a unique algorithm of the artistic application of brush strokes that authentically reproduces the technique of the real brush. Creating a real oil painting is long and complicated process. With the OilPaint software you can become a painter and turn your
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AKVIS Pastel 4.1.475.17427 Multilingual
AKVIS Pastel 4.1.475.17427 Multilingual | 140/143 MB AKVIS Pastel is the best software for conversion of photos into pastel paintings. The program turns your image into a lifelike digital art imitating one of the most popular artistic techniques - pastel art.
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AKVIS Points 4.1.325.17427 Multilingual
AKVIS Points 4.1.325.17427 Multilingual | 120/124 MB AKVIS Points lets you transform your photos into paintings using the technique of pointillism. Pointillism is a painting technique characterized by applying of separate brush strokes in the form of dots or spots. This style is an offshoot of Impressionism. A complex hue is decomposed into individual colors, which are displayed on the canvas as dotted strokes, small dabs of paint of pure color.
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AKVIS Refocus 8.1.750.17408 Multilingual
AKVIS Refocus 8.1.750.17408 Multilingual | 115 MB Digital cameras are a good companion for capturing everyday moments - they are handy and offer automatic settings that save you time. However, sometimes the camera fails to focus on the subject automatically and it comes out unsharp. AKVIS Refocus will take care of such images. The software improves sharpness of out of focus images. The program can process the entire photo or bring into focus
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AKVIS Retoucher 9.5.1286.17468 Multilingual
AKVIS Retoucher 9.5.1286.17468 Multilingual | 113 MB AKVIS Retoucher is an efficient program for photo restoration and photo retouching. AKVIS Retoucher not only removes dust, scratches, stains and other defects that appear on damaged photos but is also able to reconstruct missing parts of a photo using the information of the surrounding areas.
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AKVIS Watercolor Multilingual
AKVIS Watercolor Multilingual | 137/140 MB AKVIS Watercolor lets you create amazingly realistic aquarelle paintings in a click! Watercolor painting is one of the oldest and most commonly used painting techniques in which color pigments are solvable in water. Aquarelle paintings have a brilliant and luminous look based on the clarity and translucency of colors and the flowing fluidity of lines.
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