Author Alex
PHOTOBASH – Tibetan Costumes
A rare collection of traditional clothing, fabrics and accessories originating in Tibet and indigenous minority tribes from neighboring regions. Recommended for tribal style character design.
Author Alex
PHOTOBASH – Medieval Armor II
A second large collection of armor references from medieval Europe. This set contains many shots of individual armor pieces that were used both for combat and ceremonial purposes. Includes helmets, breast plates, gauntlets, shields and more.
Author Alex
PHOTOBASH – Pripyat Interiors II
The second part of our extensive collection covering the derelict interiors of Pripyat town. This part highlights the eerie remnants of a civilization frozen in time, including abandoned community spaces such as a a public pool, gym, nursery, elementary school and more.
Author Alex
PHOTOBASH – Snowy Peaks
A masked set of snow-capped mountains featuring craggy, jagged peaks. The mountain range was captured at dawn, early morning and during sunset. Includes organic custom shapes for quick, easy landscape creation.
Author Alex
This studio shot set focuses on ground fog and cloud-like textures created from dry ice, and unique tornado shapes made from vapor.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – JAPAN – PEOPLE – 116 photo references
High quality JPGs from uncompressed RAW images taken on a Leica Q2 with a beautiful Summilux lense. Raw images come in at 47.3 megapixels; a whopping 8368 x 5584 pixels with room to zoom in and re-crop. Note: some of the shots are cropped for aesthetic purposes like composition but care has been given to lean towards keeping a high level of resolution.
Author Alex
PHOTOBASH – Scotland Gothic
A massive architecture based collection of Edinburgh’s dark Gothic buildings and structures. This collection also includes an assortment of ornaments, sculptures and graveyard elements. Weather conditions vary from sunny to overcast, showing off iconic Gothic silhouettes.
Author Alex
PHOTOBASH – Dueling Knights
An extensive melee combat themed collection of pose references. Featuring sequences of various medieval knights dueling, using both sword and shield.
Author Alex
PHOTOBASH – Medieval Armor I
An epic collection of medieval armory references. This large set features full armor suits, breast plates, helmets, shields, gauntlets, horse armor and more. This protective wear was used for both combat and ceremonial purposes.
Author Alex
PHOTOBASH – Aircraft Engine
A small but densely packed reference set of aircraft engines. Every shot contains a great amount of mechanical shapes, texture and detail. A highly recommended addition to any mech reference library.
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