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Author Omega
Yesterday, 22:04
Ygro Sans Serif Font
Ygro Sans Serif Font 3 TTF | 3 OTF | 3 WOFF | 3 WOFF2 | 3 EOT | 300 KB
Author Omega
Yesterday, 22:02
Herrington Font Duo
Herrington Font Duo OTF | TTF | 309 Kb
Author Omega
Yesterday, 21:59
Harson Soft - Intergalactic Typeface
Harson Soft - Intergalactic Typeface OTF | TTF | WEBFONT | 1.51 Mb
Author Omega
28 Photoshop Text Styles Effects Collection
28 Photoshop Text Styles Effects Collection Photoshop PSD | 28 PSD | 693 MB
Author Omega
Premium 50+ Latest Logo PSD Mockups Collection
Premium 50+ Latest Logo PSD Mockups Collection Photoshop PSD | 68 PSD | 901 MB
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – 1000+ Abandoned Russian Village Reference Pictures
New environment reference pictures release featuring over 1000 photos with abandoned villages and settlements. It's a very versatile pack that will fit for both photobashing and matte paintings, and can serve as a good base for illustration. Drone shots allow you to have various angles of the same buildings, which gives you more freedom to exlpore the scene. Different seasons are included.
Author Alex
Gumroad – Procreate Painting Brushes- Set of 10 (Includes 12 Free Stamp Brushes)
I use these custom painting brushes for all my artworks in Procreate. Please don’t assume that your art will automatically get better if you use these brushes, these brushes are made only to make your process in Procreate little easier and you will still need practice for that as well. If you are not sure whether or not to get these brushes I recommend watch my process videos on Instagram(@muzenik_) and YouTube(@Muzenikart) to see how I use them.
Author Alex
CreativeMarket – Seamless – Pattern Creation Kit
Seamless is a photoshop plugin helping you to create seamless/tileable patterns or textures with just a few clicks. What exactly does that mean? A Seamless pattern can be repeated without revealing harsh edges. To achieve this, this tool offers a handfull of time saving functions.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – ULTIMATE Strap & Buckles
ULTIMATE strap & buckles is a bundle of our 2 products: Modern strap & buckles and Leather strap & buckles.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – 900+ Drone Reference Pictures – Bundle
This bundle contains pictures from some of our previous packs - we aimed to create a set mainly with the bird's-eye view, drone shots.
No-no, don't do that! Don't write this category off as a bunch of useless assorted junk that is of no use to you! Many people are quick to judge, but, honestly, this assessment cannot be farther from the truth. The Miscellaneous category is filled with all kinds of useful and cool things. You just need to know how to look and what to do. Our suggested course of action would be going through page, after page, after page – all in order to find some hidden gem that you didn't know you needed.
Let's go over some of the things that you will be able to find here. Of course, it's pretty random, because you can download miscellaneous stuff in here only. For example, let's start with something big, you can download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 additional content on here. That kinda stuff doesn't really fit into any other category, but it's way too valuable to ignore. This additional content bundle will help you work with fonts, interactive frames, photo frames, and extensions. All pretty goddamn useful, don't you agree?
Next, we have collections such as Actions LR Presets Textures Collection. It is also incredibly useful, especially if you want to spend less time working in Lightroom. Lightroom is fine and all that, but presets make the experience easier and mercifully shorter which is always a great thing. We have plenty of PSD templates, including the Creative Workspace ones, Cooks Countertop, Construction Collection, Color Splash Collection, and many many others. Basically, those templates are going to make your life indefinitely easier. Some people look down on that sort of thing, but we ain't here to judge, we are here to offer you great-quality additional content that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Obviously.
There are many assorted Photoshop-centric goodies, in case you didn't realize that from all the information above. For example, we have the Pencil Sketch Art Photoshop Action. This one deserves a very strong recommendation from our team – it comes with a handy video tutorial, it works with all Photoshop versions, it is easily adjustable on top of that.
Now, fitting for the category at hand, here's a bunch of random things that we would like to bring up in hopes of peaking your curiosity. Gumroad – SPTool – Masked Alphas by Jonas Ronnegard. The name speaks for itself, you will find it extremely useful, you have our word for it. The pack includes over 30 alphas with masks, you can see what works and what doesn't. Creativemarket – April Big Bundle. This bundle has over 75 assets that are definitely worth checking out. We also have a bunch of easy-to-use lighting scenes for Vray3, 3DS Max, and several others. Yeah, the rabbit hole is pretty darn deep.
With all of that being said, we can mention a bunch of other fine assets/apps/things that you can find in this category right here, but this introductory message has to end somewhere. Let's cut it short right now. Let's just say that there are plenty of hidden gems in this category. You're gonna find them all or what?
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