Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 1 March 2021

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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 1 March 2021

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 1 March 2021


The Forest v1.5

Use trees to build a forest, shrubs to fill in the views, boulders to create blockades, rocks to create interesting areas, paint with landscape layers to automatically fill the ground with procedurally distributed ground cover, including ferns, dead branches, roots, clover, down to small rocks and pebbles.

Use the unified wind and wetness shader to define the wind and wetness amount on a global scale, without having to modify every asset or material, simply by inputting a value between 0-1. You can use 0 to simulate calm winds and dry environment or go up to 1 to simulate stormy winds and wet environment. You can even decide the wind direction without having to do anything complex. Combined with particles and other effects, the end results, are truly spectacular.

Simple Game Save System v4.25

This is a fully commented blueprint system for saving your game. This not only gives you every type of variable to save, but also teaches you what each thing does while you go. (Now Available as a Component)
Technical Details

HD Particle Pack

This is a collection of 24 high-def particles made for a variety of uses. They can work for scifi, fantasy or modern game styles.
Each of the particle systems included were built with the same Unreal character size in mind and their LoD's are activated with that scale in mind too.

KY Magic Chant

This package contains 33 magic chant effects!

Nature Cave Cliff

The elements of stone and nature consist of two vertical stones, a flat stone, 2 small stones, two different stone maps, some natural plants: shrubs, trees, grass, and flowers.

PSD2UMG v4.25

PSD2UMG is a plug-in that imports a PSD file into UnrealEngine4 and converts the PSD file into Widget Blueprints.

TwinDaggers Animset v4.22
The package inculdes 159 combat animations for TwinDaggers,not just basic, including all the details of the animation and they are made on Epic Skeleton!

Password: 3498723772387.GFX-HUB.3298746637

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