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[SCANS] Abandoned Factory Buildings – Day/Night Scene
Abandoned buildings in the middle of the old factory. Scene contains high detailed objects like modular elevations, contains bricks, pipes, pallets, trash-bags and many more to build such a district. Most assets was build base on photogrammetry technique and properly optimized and hand tweaked to work in real-time scenes on UE4.
Author Alex
Smart AI v4.24
Smart AI is an advanced easy to use system that works fully in multiplayer. Included are 15 different behaviors the AI can seamlessly transition between, both melee and range combat and many other features. Also included are several example AI you can quickly and easily drag in to your game or project to bring your level to life with smart AI.
Author Alex
"Racing Track" Winter Landscape
This package contains simple landscape and a few props. Props trees, plants, road, fences, road signs, stones.
Author Alex
Regular Male Civilian Character v4.18-4.22
High-quality Regular Male Civilian customizable character set, with countless amount of variations. Compatible with the Epic skeleton
Author Alex
Punch! Animation Pack
Punch! - Pack containing several boxing animations.
Author Alex
MP System V1+V2
The complete Package: blueprints, assets, animations, objectives, menus | Kickstart your game. If you want to create a singleplayer or multiplayer game, the MP System is for you. Simply jump in and add yo
Author Alex
Complete RPG
Using our services is simple and safe, we have over 500 customers, good reviews, ratings and we are always happy to help our customers. We will correct any inaccuracies that you find and listen to all your wishes. You can be sure that the product you buy from us will always work at 100%. So please, if you have any suggestions for improving the project or you have found mistakes or you need help: contact me by email or in the discord, I will do
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Service Drone
This character is intended for sci-fi, dark tech ambients, retro future service, military or surveillance support. It comes with 7 animations, 4K texture materials and includes landing base.
Author Alex
Gang Character v4.19
Gang character completely rigged using the Epic skeleton. Works with the free animation pack. Material with 3 customizable colors.
Author Alex
Android Robot
Very detailed robots ready to use!
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