Unity Asset – MagicaVoxel Toolbox v1.4.2

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Unity Asset – MagicaVoxel Toolbox v1.4.2

Unity Asset – MagicaVoxel Toolbox v1.4.2

Create prefab from vox and qb file with optimized mesh. Support MagicaVoxel world mode and material. Make rigging character with unity avatar.

Supported Unity Version: Unity 2018, 2019.
Require MagicaVoxel 0.99.4 or later.

---- How to Use It ----

● Select vox, qb file in project view.
● Click "Create Prefab" to get a ready-to-use prefab from the selecting file.
● Click "Create Obj File" to get a obj file with png texture.
● Click "Rigging Editor" in tool panel to open rig editor. You can rig your model with a simple and reasonable way.

---- Why You Need It ----

● Easy To Use: Every part of this tool is well designed, you can work without complex operations.

● Rigging Support: The rigging editor allows you to add bones and paint weight points for your model. Then create prefab with SkinedMeshRenderer and Avatar setted up.

● Material Support: Support MagicaVoxel render mode material. You can use custom shaders for each type of material.

● Combine Meshes, Textures and Materials: Use prefab combiner to combine meshes, textures and materials. Will not override the old prefabs.

● Character Generator Use the character editor to create voxel characters. Export vox file and prefab with avatar by one click.

● Optimized: Combine different-color-voxels into one face to get less triangles.

● Generate Map: One click to create a map and save it as vox file.

● Vox, Qb and Json Convert your models between vox, qb and json format with one click.

● LOD Ready: Create LOD prefab with only one click. The LodGroup component will automatically set up.

● 2.5D Sprite: Create 8bit style image or screen shot with one click.

● No Limitation: Ready to work with meshs which has more than 65000 vertices.

● Nice Management: Built meshs, materials, textures and avatar as the sub-object of the Prefab. Make your Assets folder clean.

● Custom Shader Support: You can set your own shader as the default shader.

Asset Details:
  • Current Version: 1.4.2
  • Category: Unity Tools
  • More Info: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/magicavoxel-toolbox-63336

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