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Paint in 3D

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Paint all your objects using Paint in 3D - both in game, and in editor. All features have been heavily optimized, making it great for WebGL, mobile, VR, and much more!

▶ Consistent Performance

The reason why Paint in 3D runs so fast even if you paint a lot is because the paint is baked into the textures of your object. Your objects already have textures, so why not use them, right? The code also produces no garbage (0 gc alloc), so you don't have to worry about random lag spikes.

▶ Lightning Fast Painting

Baking paint into textures may sound slow, but the painting code is done 100% on the GPU, which actually makes it incredibly fast. The painting code has also been heavily optimized to minimize state changes by batching paint operations together.

▶ Mobile & Console & VR Support

Painting works great on all platforms and devices that support render textures. You can easily set painting up on VR too, with controller paint brushes, spray cans, etc.

▶ Full C# Source Code

Just like with all my assets, I provide full C# source code - nothing is hidden inside a .dll. The code is also well organized and commented, so you can easily make changes if you need to.

▶ Long Term Support

Just like with all my assets, I provide long term support and won't just disappear after your purchase. I also provide regular free updates based on great feature requests from customers.

▶ Skinned Mesh Painting

Paint in 3D allows you to paint animated objects with great performance. Check out the WebGL Demo and see how great the zombie paint looks.

▶ Seamless UV Painting

If you have a complex mesh it's common to get seams when painting, even when using professional painting software. Paint in 3D solves this with the 'Seam Fixer' tool that comes included. Paint in 3D also makes painting between multiple objects seamless, even if they have different scales.

▶ Easy To Use

Just like with all my assets, I try to keep the interface as simple as possible. Within minutes you can add painting features to your game, and tweak the simple yet powerful settings to your exact needs.

▶ Team Based Painting

Paint in 3D comes with an easy to use team based painting feature. Where you can assign a specific color to a specific team, and count how many pixels each team has painted in your scene!

▶ Multi-Texture Painting

If you have a complex material & shader that has multiple textures that work together, then no problem. Paint in 3D allows you to create brushes that paint multiple textures at the same time, and to give each brush unique settings.

▶ Full Material Support

Paint in 3D not only supports painting all the materials & shaders that come with Unity, but all of your custom ones too! Using the intuitive inspector you can easily pick which materials and textures you want to paint.

▶ In Game & In Editor

Paint in 3D was designed from the start to support painting in game as well as in the editor. This allows you to quickly tweak your textures in the editor, and later paint them in game, using the exact same features.

▶ Blending Modes

You're not limited to painting just normal albedo textures. Paint in 3D has a range of blending modes and settings that allow you to paint any kind of texture you like. For example, additive blending for illumination textures, RGB isolated alpha blending for cutout textures, and much more.

▶ Undo & Redo

Full undo and redo support in editor, and at runtime. If you have a complex game then you can easily control this manually with the simple C# API.

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  • Current Version: 1.7.4
  • Category: Unity Tools
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