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Author Alex
Unity Asset Bundle 3 – September 2020
Unity Asset Bundle 3 – September 2020 | 3.4 GB
Author Alex
Unity Asset Bundle 2 – September 2020
Unity Asset Bundle 2 – September 2020 | 5.15 GB
Author Alex
Unity Asset Bundle 1 – September 2020
Unity Asset Bundle 1 – September 2020 | 1.9 GB
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Simple Citizens – Cartoon Characters
Mobile ready assets. A simple asset pack of characters to create a simple cube style game. 16 Characters (approx 300 tris and 512x512 texture each) 3 texture variations per character
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Impact Deformable v2.0
Impact Deformable implements an automatic system of dynamic mesh deformation by impact in a single script.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Fire FX Designer
The Fire FX Designer is a set of C# script components which easily combine to help you design high quality visual effects for your games. Optimised for mobile and containing license free sound effects, the Fire FX Designer has everything you need to get going. The latest version includes a totally rewritten FX system, optimisations for mobile devices, and support for both Legacy and Shuriken particle emitters!
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Low Poly Fantasy Village Pack.01
This pack is contain a complete set of fantasy village. You can make Top-Down, RPG, Adventure Game or anything you want!
Author Alex
Unity Asset – MapNav – Geolocation Toolkit
MapNav is a Geolocation Engine for Unity and a powerful tool to develop location-based apps and games, including 2d/3d object geolocation, GPS navigation, and online maps. Get started in minutes with the included prefabs and demo scenes and build to your platform of choice.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Heist PlayMaker Kit v2
Heist PlayMaker Kit is a PC and Mobile Stealth Game Template. This project is made using Hutong Games Playmaker. The core mechanics reflects components of a stealth game with custom actions for FOV Mesh generation, Cone of Vision and NPC Patrol.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Fantasy Action RPG Tileset v1.2
Top-Down Fantasy Tileset to make your own Dungeons!
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