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Author Alex
Yesterday, 11:19
Surforge v1.3.2
Surforge is an editor extension that enables you to easily make high-quality 3d rendered PBR textures from scratch directly in Unity, with an extremely productive and intuitive workflow.
Author Alex
Yesterday, 11:06
CAT Game Builder v1.90
CAT Game Builder is the easier, faster way to make games in Unity. With CAT’s scores of modular Conditions, Actions, Triggers, and integrated game systems, you can create prototypes, demos, or full games with little or no additional programming.
Author Alex
Yesterday, 10:38
AR Camera ACCELEROMETER: Augmented Reality v1.3
AR Camera ACCELEROMETER — augmented reality for 90% of all mobile devices without using gyroscope and compass, blends game objects and information with the surrounding environment.
Author Alex
Yesterday, 10:22
QA Office and Security Room v1.1
QA Office and Security Room is a completely modular kit with more than 450 objects that allows your to build your own office building interior with the any number of floors.
Author Alex
Yesterday, 10:06
Ultimate Poly Fantasy v1.6
This package is, and will be, a standalone package, that will grow over time, with enough content to build most of your game! (excluding some game logic, and characters). I've gone and made this package work great with linear lighting! Please use linear lighting for best results of the materials!
Author Alex
2D Physics Toolkit
2D Collider Pro Toolkit is your one stop solution for working with Unity 2D Colliders. It also includes complementary methods for 2D Physcs Raycast.
Author Alex
Orchestral Win and Lose Fanfare v1.0
In this pack you will find a collection of short orchestral clips, perfect for win and lose situations, end levels, finisher, success, failures, bonus, etc. There is also a big "Ta Da" sound, in two variations (normal and dissonant) and two rising orchestral "clusters".
Author Alex
The Complete Adventure Music Pack v1.2
This music pack has everything you need to complete your adventure game! From cinematic, thundering adventure tracks, to somber, melancholy piano pieces and thrilling battle arrangements, this pack has it all!
Author Alex
Paint in 3D
Paint all your objects using Paint in 3D - both in game, and in editor. All features have been heavily optimized, making it great for WebGL, mobile, VR, and much more!
Author Alex
Playmaker v1.9.0.p19
The top-rated visual scripting tool for Unity used in Hearthstone, INSIDE, Hollow Knight, The First Tree, Observation, Dreamfall Chapters and more: Project Showcase
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