Author Alex
MicroSplat – Terrain Holes v3.0
The Terrain Holes module for MicroSplat adds several new features to the MicroSplat framework.
Author Alex
Head Soccer Game Kit v1.3
Head Soccer is a fun and challenging casual game template which heavily relies on physics to simulate movements and interactions inside the game.
Author Alex
HG: Woody Trains
A collection of low poly wooden toy trains and tracks. Ideal as a decoration in a child's room or to create stylized worlds made of wood.
Author Alex
FPS Game Starter Kit v4.20
100% Blueprints, convenient to modify and expand, First-Person Shooter game starting template. Featuring FPS and TPS perspectives, inventory, weapon system and more. Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes are included
Author Alex
Flowers and Plants Nature Pack
Flowers and Plants Nature Pack includes more than 140 plant species. 760 HQ Static Meshes, of which: 648 flowers and plants; 28 vegetable spline elements; 84 environment models.
Author Alex
SRDebugger – Console & Tools On-Device v1.8.2
SRDebugger is a tool to help you track down bugs while on the target device. Access to the Unity Console in any build of your game allows you to diagnose problems without deploying a debug build tethered to the Unity Editor.
Author Alex
Unity Pro 2019.2.19f1 Win x64
Unity Pro 2019.2.19f1 Win x64 | Unity software or video games Unity3D design and manufacture a complete set, consisting of a powerful game engine and development environment programming and development. Unity easy to do because most of the games in the graphical environment and low utilization of code, many companies and encourages users to take advantage of it. Support for popular programming languages, using three-dimensional modeling software
Author Alex
Z-Mech Robot Giant
Animated mech with character blueprints to replace default template character. 10 color variants.
Author Alex
High Quality Footsteps v1.2
High Quality Footsteps is a footstep sound effect package for the quality minded game developer. The package consists of 704 high quality naturally recorded footsteps on 14 different surfaces such as dirt, concrete, glass, wood, puddle, swamp and more, separated into single clips and suitable for many different game genres. The gameready clips are 16-bit audio clips with 44.1 kHz sample rate in .WAV format. All tracks are mono and and game
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