Unity Asset – The Division Kit 2.0

Author Alex
Unity Asset – The Division Kit 2.0

The Division Kit 2.0 – download game full project (asset) for Unity

[TDK] THE DIVISION KIT A Complete Cover based Third Person shooter kit based on The Division.The main idea here was to provide with a slow paced shooter.This is not the best Third Person kit , but this is best suited for games like The Division/Battle Royal/ or simply a Survival game.I would never suggest anyone to use this for Open Ended games like GTA .As the possibilities here were kept limited. The Asset will come with Animations/Models(Character/Weapon)/Particle Effects/Scripts/Demo Scene All the features that will be included: - Fully Explained/Commented Scripts - 3 Movement Modes (Walk/Run/Sprint) , you can sprint using the Sprint button and you can toggle between walk and run using MovementToggle button(Assigned as "Capslock" in default). - 2 Slots for weapons , Primary and Secondary , No melee. - Firing Weapon , turns on Aggressive Movement Animations to keep the immersion while shooting.It lasts for 15 seconds(Unless you decide to sprint, which will get you back to Normal Movement Animations). - Weapon Hands Switch, you will be able to switch sides while holding a weapon(This will depend on the shoulder your camera is on right now) - Bullet Spray And Recoil (This is self Explanatory). - The Weapons are separately positioned, and the Hands are placed with IK. So each weapon can be hold Separately. - Basic Parkour System, like vaulting/Getting up Objects/Climbing Objects. - Cover System - Blind Fire from Cover - Multiplayer Implemented (Photon) - Ladder System - Melee System - Taunt System - Surface Detectors for bullets to impact different particles - UI (Health | Weapons) - Aim Block (IK Based) - Rolling System - Ammo/Health Pickups - Explosion System - Vehicle Damage System - Enemy AI Humanoids

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  1. TonyNKS2018 August 14 13:18
    Your archives are broken !!!! Does not cover any one !!
    1. Sonya2018 August 14 13:44
      Try to use WinRar 5.5 or above for unpack
  2. Morteza2018 November 9 21:53
    Can i download this faster?
  3. john2019 January 11 12:52
    do you have character interaction v3 ?
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