Unity Asset – Rogue Agents

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Unity Asset – Rogue Agents

Download Unity Asset – Rogue Agents – complete game project in source for Unity Engine

Whats included?

Game Modes
Team Deathmatch
Secure the Area

Class Selections
Select between 5 classes Medic , Recon , Engineer , Heavy and Assault.
Each Class has a Unique Skill Equipment and weapons.

The Medic has a Vector SMG and can drop Medkits, while Heavy has a Machine gun and can drop AmmoKits.
The Engineer is equipped with a Shotgun and can set Trip Mines around the map to surprise the enemies with an explosion.
The Recon is equipped with a powerful scoped sniper and can throw Smoke Grenades to hide in plain sight.
The Assault is equipped with an AK74 and can throw Frag Grenades to eliminate enemies in groups!

Character Customization
Customize your character to your liking, Each Season bringing in more customization content to the table.Select between numbers of colors/tops/bottoms/face , to make your character look however you want! Each weapon has 5 skins to choose from. (Make sure you remove all the PayDay skins & cosmetics before you publish the game as these are copyrighted.)

Emotes & Taunts
Rogue Agents offers a complete Taunt & Emote system what makes you able to have fun going on in your games.

The Division Brooklyn
Firing Range (Try out your weapons and improve your skills)

Rogue Agents comes with a completely setup AI system for Coop modes. (Make sure you remove AI and add a spawn rate in a C# script so AI isn't flooding you like it does at the moment and does not run out.)

Photon Multiplayer
Rogue Agents makes use of Photon Bolt what makes you able to have a server running for free from the very start opened to 100 max players at the same time.
(Make sure you don't change the already setup Photon setup as you will otherwise need to stick to 10 players at the same time unless you pay for a bigger bundle)

Game Jolt
Rogue Agents makes use of Game Jolts login system. (Replace this one or remove it if you like player be able to play without having to login every time they start playing!)

Division Kit
In the Rogue Agents project is the newest version of The Divsion kit included this version is more modified than the standard Division kit and includes a dozen of extra features what are worth to be checked. (Make sure you copy the The Division kit content and don't delete the folder as it will break your project.


Other than the most people do I deliver full support in this thread if you have a question, find errors or would like to know how to upgrade to new Unity Engine versions I am you man just post it down here. Also make sure you read the above sections between "()" as these are tips or things making you and the game getting in problems.

Easy to Skin
The game is extremely easy to skin. Make sure if you like to replace a image with your art that its the same size and has the same name the same for music & animations.

Technical Details

Download size: 5 GB
Unity Version: 5.6.2
Tested Version: 2017.1 | 2017.2 | 2017.3

Before you download & comment read whats down below!
The download is called The Division Kit but included both the kit and game project!

Download links:

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