Unity Pro 2018.2.1f1 + Addons Win x64

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Unity Pro 2018.2.1f1 + Addons Win x64

Download new update of Unity Pro 2018.2.1f1 + Addons Pack for Windows 64-bit

Unity is a cross-platform development environment for computer games. Unity allows you to create applications that run under more than 20 different operating systems, including personal computers, game consoles, mobile devices, Internet applications, and others. The release of Unity was held in 2005 and since then has been constantly developing. The main advantages of Unity are the availability of a visual development environment, cross-platform support and a modular component system. The disadvantages include the emergence of complexities when working with multi-component schemes and difficulties in connecting external libraries.
On Unity written hundreds of games, applications and simulations, which cover many platforms and genres. At the same time, Unity is used by both large developers and independent studios.

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  1. jeffrey spinner
    jeffglobal2018 August 1 21:12
    Is there anyway I can download Cinemachine with this copy? The addons don't include it, so I had to use the free Unity...
  2. sonia2018 August 2 12:47
    What ???? im still waiting for unreal stuff
    1. Sonya2018 August 2 12:48
      Just stop swearing. Unreal content is bound to be.
      1. new2018 August 2 12:51
        Ok sorry btw unblock me please
        1. Sonya2018 August 2 13:19
          Done, unblocked.
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