Unreal Engine Marketplace – Broadleaf Forest Collection

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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Broadleaf Forest Collection

Download Broadleaf Forest Collection – Unreal asset by Unreal Engine Marketplace

All assets you need to build a photorealistic broadleaf forest.

High resolution models and textures of trees, rocks, debris, plants and more. All major assets with full sets of LODs, tweaked for maximum performance at highest photo realistic quality. The trees come as hero and painter versions, both have large distance LODs to create massive forests. All versions of the trees are ready to use with the painting tool. There is a large variation of fully setup foliage actors, ready for populating the forest with extra detailed plant, twig and rock assets. Procedural Snow/Winter shader system. A fully paintable ground material with 5 different surface textures is also included. All materials a highly tweakable and can be customized easily with new textures to fit project specific needs.

Technical Details


High resolution models and textures
Photorealistic quality
Automated foliage placement
Procedural Snow/Winter shader system
Full set of LOD & Lightmap UVs
Hero trees + foliage painter versions
All assets are ready for displacement
Paintable ground material with wetness control
Ground cover detail meshes
All highly tweakable and easy customization
Fully dressed example forest map


Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: the majority of assets use 4096x4096 base color, normal and utility textures
Collision: Yes (automatically generated)
Vertex Count: 20000/10000/5000/100 (trees) 3000-250 (medium assets), 1200-100 (plants)
LODs: 2-4 Levels of LOD
Number of Meshes: 68
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 85
Number of Textures: 127
Engine Compatibility: 4.16.x to 4.19.x
Intended Platform: Highend PC
Platforms Tested: PC + Oculus / Vive
Documentation Included: Online Documentation

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