Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 1 May 2018

Author Alex
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 1 May 2018

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 1 May 2018


Procedural Landscape Ecosystem (4.19)
MQ9 Reaper [UE4 4.18 - 4.19]
Driveable Vehicle Pack ( REDUX ) [4.16 - 4.19]
Car Damage [4.9 - 4.19]
RealisticSpace: Colorful Nebulas
Game Ready Sounds 4.14-4.19

Download links for Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 1 May 2018:

  1. john doe2018 May 5 00:08
    thank you so much
  2. john2018 May 5 05:26
    Do you have access to FPS Weapons by 3DMaesen on Unity Asset Store? Since I missed that 70% off sale.
    1. Sonya2018 May 5 09:15
      Maybe, it will be later
      1. john2018 May 6 04:18
        Thanks Sonya
        1. john2018 May 6 04:35
          And thank you for your uploads
  3. Kevin2018 May 5 19:38
    THX but have anyone personnel with update
  4. Nope
    ThatOneGuyWithSomeName2018 May 5 21:21
    love your uploads @Alex may i make a request?
    Not sure how you've been obtaining these assets and not going to ask lol
    but by any chance can you acquire any if not all of these in your next bundle upload or more preferrably each in individual uploads?

    1. Nope
      ThatOneGuyWithSomeName2018 May 5 21:23

      Hope thats not too large of a request lmao greatly appreciate it,if not/dont want to,or not taking requests its fine i'll still continue using the site :)

      thanks for all your current,past and future uploads

  5. Chris2018 May 6 16:00
    Hi Alex, Thanks for another update! Could you please consider adding these:
    - Unreal Engine Subway Station Environment
    - Subway Template
  6. benyamin
    kingprado2018 May 6 20:50
    Plz post machmaking server system ue4
  7. pimpan3D
    pimpan3D2018 May 10 21:53
    Hi! it's possible to get Mawi Redwood Forest? There is a redwood forest already uploaded twice, but not from Mawi.

    1. Sonya2018 May 11 12:07
      May be later... now is not available
      1. Guest Pimpan3D2018 May 11 13:11
        Thank you Sonya for reply. ^^
  8. Edwin
    edwinbalam2018 May 10 23:46
    Good day

    The Unreal_Engine_Marketplace_Asset_Bundle_1_May_2018.part3.rar is Corrupted or Incomplete. Could you
    fix it ?

    Thanks a lot.
    1. Sonya2018 May 11 12:05
      Try to use winrar 5.5 and up
  9. Nope
    ThatOneGuyWithSomeName2018 May 11 20:56
    aww my links were removed now my comment looks rediculous lol
    did yall at least see them before they were deleted? or were they removed for a reason?
    1. Sonya2018 May 11 21:08
      Active links to external sites are deleted.
      I saw your links. If something is available - we will definitely share it.
      1. Nope
        ThatOneGuyWithSomeName2018 May 19 18:30
        oh ok that makes sense i apologize but thanks you i appreciate the response as well as any future fulfillments :)
  10. Nadav2018 August 16 18:32
    Hello, why does the part 3 dosent work?! i been waitng for hours
    1. Sonya2018 August 16 19:23
      What do you have in mind? Write in detail. The file is on the server
      1. Nadav2018 August 19 14:38
        Right now i tried to Download again this Bundle and Part 7 and 8 (http://hitfile.net/download/free/CoTYe8Z , http://hitfile.net/download/free/rx1pqUQ)
        are infinite loading
        1. Nadav2018 August 19 14:39
          And not Downloading
  11. furiozo2018 August 22 11:59
    Part 7 - File was deleted or not found
    1. furiozo2018 August 22 12:19
      Thats on premium mode. Can it be fixed?
  12. Sonya2018 August 22 17:56
    Ok guys, all files reuploaded.
    You need download all parts again for unpack, i had to reassemble this collection.
    1. furiozo2018 August 23 09:51
      Thank you very much!
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