Unity Asset Bundle 2 – September 2019

Author Alex
Unity Asset Bundle 2 – September 2019

Unity Asset Bundle 2 – September 2019


3D Virtual Showroom Vol 1 v1.1.unitypackage
Ambient Skies - Skies Post FX Lighting v1.5.4.unitypackage
Cinema Face Cap - Facial Capture for Unity.unitypackage
City Adventure v1.0.unitypackage
Dog - Tatra Sheepdog v3.1.unitypackage
Electrical Control Panel 1 v2.0.unitypackage
Fantasy Treasure Basic 1.1.unitypackage
FSM AI Template v1.0.1.unitypackage
Hospital Laboratory v1.0.unitypackage
Kid Room.unitypackage
Kitchen Collection 2 v1.0.unitypackage
PBR Wasteland Landscape.unitypackage
Pool Boss 1.1.7.unitypackage
Pumpkin scarecrow 1.0.1.unitypackage
Real World Terrain 4.2.1.unitypackage
Realistic Water v2.0.0.0.unitypackage
RTS Engine v1.4.7.unitypackage
SC Post Effects Pack 1.0.0.unitypackage
Shuriken Salvo 1.04.unitypackage
Simple Bones Animation 1.0.9.unitypackage
Solar Panels Roof v1.0.unitypackage
Sound Cutter 1.0.unitypackage
Speech Bubbles 1.0.unitypackage
Third Person Controller - Melee Combat Template 2.4.2.unitypackage
Third Person Controller - Shooter Template v1.3.2.unitypackage
Third Person FreeClimb Add-on 1.0.4.unitypackage
UIObject3D Render 3D Models on any Unity UI Canvas 1.14.unitypackage
uMod 2.4.5.unitypackage
UTAGE3 Unity Text Adventure Game Engine Version 3.6.3.unitypackage
VertExmotion Pro 1.6.7.unitypackage

Password: 3452641.gfx-hub.net.1156225

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  1. RandomUser2019 September 10 23:48
    Can you put up a new link please? There are a few in this bundle I would like to tryout. Have not been able to get any bundles in the last 3 months cause they are always max free users within a few hours of being put up. thank you.
    1. RandomUser2019 September 10 23:50
      Took 1 hour 8 minutes for this to be locked out.
  2. icke
    icke2019 September 11 06:59
    Danke schön.. smiley
  3. Vongola2019 September 13 20:47
    Holy shit where is the password its 13th september now. Even bought a new hitfile account to download and later realized no password posted. jesus.
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