Unity Asset Bundle 2 – July 2019

Author Alex
Unity Asset Bundle 2 – July 2019

Unity Asset Bundle 2 – July 2019


25D Basic Character Pack 1.1.unitypackage
25D Lance Zhaodong Pack 1.0.unitypackage
2D Platformer Sprites Starter Pack 1.1.unitypackage
AAA Low Poly Forest.unitypackage
Ace Bike Stunts.rar
All in One Game Kit - ELC Character System 3.2.unitypackage
Amplify Shader Editor 1.6.8.unitypackage
Android Ultimate Plugin 1.8.5.unitypackage
Animated Hands with Weapons Pack v1.0.unitypackage
Archers Tale 1.0.unitypackage
ATL 121 Ground Textures Vol1 1.1.unitypackage
Best HTTP 1.11.2.unitypackage
Bugs bang.7z
Clean Minimalist GUI Pack 1.0.unitypackage
Clicker-Idle Game Template v2.63.unitypackage
Enviro - Sky and Weather 2.1.5.unitypackage
Explosive Realistic VFX Texture Pack v1.unitypackage
Fast Bloom optimized for Mobile 1.0.unitypackage
Frost - Complete UI 1.1.6.unitypackage
GameFlow 1.2.2.unitypackage
Highlight Plus 3.2.3.unitypackage
Ice World 1.9.unitypackage
Low poly Ships pack 01.unitypackage
MCS Male Midnight Rogue v1.0r2.unitypackage
Mesh Baker 3.27.3.unitypackage
Modern & Clean GUI v1.5.unitypackage
Pre-Integrated Skin Shader.unitypackage
Procedural Music Generator v1.2.unitypackage
Procedural Sci-Fi PBR Materials 1.02.unitypackage
RPG MMO UI 2 for UGUI 1.9.unitypackage
Sci Fi Cityscape v1.2.unitypackage
Third Person Controller - Melee Combat Template 2.4.1.unitypackage
ULTIMATE JSON 2.4.unitypackage
UMotion Pro - Animation Editor 1.18.unitypackage
Volumetric Fog Mist 10.0.unitypackage
Weapon System v3.2b.unitypackage

Password: 273468121.gfx-hub.net.88427772

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  1. icke
    icke2019 July 10 08:40
    blush Thanks for the nice things.... Please Password
  2. ffs2019 July 10 22:37
    cmon a pwd? seriously?
  3. saesinnskoli2019 July 11 00:39
    Thanks for the work, but when is that password getting published? :)
  4. Pat196452019 July 11 08:57
    Password please?
  5. Kageri2019 July 11 20:42
    Please add the password.
  6. icke
    icke2019 July 13 09:01
    Please Password rage
  7. icke
    icke2019 July 14 04:42
    Many Thanks smiley
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