Unity Asset Bundle 1 – July 2019

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Unity Asset Bundle 1 – July 2019

Unity Asset Bundle 1 – July 2019


16-Bit Fantasy Sprite Set.unitypackage
2D Car Complete Pack.unitypackage
2D Dot PixelBrick Tile Parkage 1.0.unitypackage
2D Master Texture Pack(PSD) v1.1.unitypackage
Advanced Foliage Pack 1 v1.5.8.1.unitypackage
Adventure Creator v1.67.5.unitypackage
Animancer Pro v3.0.unitypackage
Animated Bezier Flow of Particles v2.11.unitypackage
Battle Royale Mobile HUD Weapon.unitypackage
Bezier curved particles flow editor v2.11.unitypackage
Cartoon Castle Building Kit.unitypackage
Cartoon Town Low Poly Assets v1.0.unitypackage
Combined Shadows v1.01.unitypackage
Crazy Traffic Racing (Ready to Launch).rar
CrossProm - Cross Promotion Tool v1.2.unitypackage
Fast Mobile Camera Motion Blur v1.1.unitypackage
Fast Mobile Depth of Field.unitypackage
Flat Calendar.unitypackage
Get In Out Vehicle Collection.rar
Headless Builder v1.6.4.unitypackage
Highlight Plus v3.2.2.unitypackage
Low poly Cartoon Kingdom KIT.unitypackage
MagicaVoxel Qubicle To Unity 1.4.2.unitypackage
Modern UI Pack 2.2.6.unitypackage
Multi Device Preview Gallery 1.7.5.unitypackage
NEEDSIM Life Simulation 1.1 u2017.1.unitypackage
Photorealistic lights IES 1.2.5.unitypackage
Pool Anything 1.0.unitypackage
Puddle Set Shader 2.unitypackage
RetroBlit 2.2.unitypackage
Rover Controller 1.0.unitypackage
RPG Farming Kit1.01.unitypackage
SaveMe Pro 2 - Game Saver v2.0.8.unitypackage
SCIFI Tower Defense Pack 2 v1.0.unitypackage
Simple UI - Scroll View Extensions 1.0.unitypackage
SimpliCity Extra Roads Bridges 1.03.unitypackage
Skele Character Animation Tools 1.98p1.unitypackage
Steam VR Playmaker - Toolkit 1.5.3.unitypackage
Tile Grid Level Loader v1.02.unitypackage
Town Constructor Pack.unitypackage
Translucent UI 5.1.unitypackage
Trees Bundle 2.2.1.unitypackage
UI - Builder v1.2.unitypackage
uIntelliSense Unity API Assistant v1.8.0.0.unitypackage
Ultimate Fog of War 1.6.unitypackage
UltimateCharacterController 2.1.5.unitypackage
Very Animation 1.1.10p01.unitypackage
Weather Maker 5.6.9.unitypackage
Yamato GUI 1.1.unitypackage

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Sonya writes:
Which archiver? Need WinRar 5.5 or above
Vasya writes:
Почему почти все архивы на hitfile не открываются?
Sonya writes:
Sorry - fixed, try now
HammerV writes:
There doesn't seem to be a Hitfile download link.