Unity Asset Bundle 6 – January 2019

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Unity Asset Bundle 6 – January 2019

Unity Asset Bundle 6 – January 2019


Android Speech Recognizer Plugin.unitypackage
ArchVizPRO Interior Vol4.unitypackage
AWS NoSQL DynamoDB Helper.unitypackage
Build Report Tool.unitypackage
CCG Kit v1.10.unitypackage
CCG Kit.unitypackage
Cinematic Perspective Camera System.unitypackage
Coffee Procedural Terrain.unitypackage
Combu 3.unitypackage
Destructible Cars 4 - Sport 1 1.0.unitypackage
Dont Touch the Dino-Bomb - Full Game Template.unitypackage
DOTween Pro v1.0.075.zip
Easy Flat GUI Pack.unitypackage
Easy Flow.unitypackage
Easy Save - The Complete Save Load Asset.unitypackage
Easy TTS Text-to-Speech for iOS and Android.unitypackage
Editor Console Pro v3.954.unitypackage
Editor Console Pro.unitypackage
English Tracing Book.unitypackage
Event System X.unitypackage
Fantasy Asia Arena for RPG MOBA MMO for Mobile 1.0.unitypackage
Farm Music Pack.unitypackage
Forum for Combu.unitypackage
Game Creator v0.7.5.unitypackage
Glassware Pack.unitypackage
Google Analytics SDK.unitypackage
GUI Kit Sci-Fi Blue.unitypackage
Happy Happy Glass Original.zip
Happy Music Pack.unitypackage
High-quality Sports Car.unitypackage
Infinite Terrain with Trees.unitypackage
Internet Checker.unitypackage
ISG Flight Shooter Toolkit.unitypackage
Jar and Vial Prop Pack.unitypackage
Jiggly Bubble.unitypackage
Kitchen Cooking FX.unitypackage
License Manager for Combu.unitypackage
Linear Unlit Gradients.unitypackage
Living Particles v1.1.unitypackage
Loading Screen.unitypackage
Low Poly Destructible Cars 2 - Offroad 1.0.unitypackage
MapMagic World Generator.unitypackage
Mars Modular Multiplayer Photon FPS Kit.unitypackage
Mesh Baker.unitypackage
MFPS All AddOns.unitypackage
Mobile Color Grading.unitypackage
Mobile Fast Shadow.unitypackage
Modern buildings pack.unitypackage
Modern Home 3.unitypackage
Modern UI Pack v2.1.0.unitypackage
Noise Blend.unitypackage
OpenCV for Unity.unitypackage
OpenCV plus Unity.unitypackage
Optimized ScrollView Adapter ListView GridView.unitypackage
Perfect Ice.unitypackage
PRISM - Realistic Post-Processing.unitypackage
Pro Draw Call Optimizer.unitypackage
Procedural UI Image.unitypackage
Props Animations.rar
Puzzle Kit 3 in 1.unitypackage
QuizApp Trivia Template 30.unitypackage
Random Prefab Placer.unitypackage
Raptor Combat Full Game Example.unitypackage
Simple Google Cloud Translation.unitypackage
Simple Waypoint System 5.4.3.zip
Simple Waypoint System.unitypackage
Sleek Polished GUI.unitypackage
Space Arcade - Enemy Ships.unitypackage
Store Product View Plugin.unitypackage
Stylized Low Poly Planes Pack.unitypackage
Ulogin pro - MFPS 2.0 ADDON 1.3.unitypackage
Ultimate Android Notifications Local And Push.unitypackage
Ultimate Runner Engine v2.0.6.zip
UMotion Pro - Animation Editor v1.15p04.zip
UniUpdate - Crossplatform Simple Version Updater.unitypackage
Very Simple Rating System.unitypackage
Villa Archviz.unitypackage
Water Ripple for Screens.unitypackage
Wavy Trip.unitypackage
Word Game.unitypackage

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  1. altoon132019 February 27 01:09
    Hi this OpenCV for unity is Updated to 2.3.3?
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