Ronin Warrior Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

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Daz3D, Poser: Ronin Warrior Outfit for Genesis 8 Females
Image: Ronin Warrior Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

Title: Clothing – Ronin Warrior Outfit for Genesis 8 Females (Free fownload for Daz Studio or Poser)

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We are honored to offer you one of the most beautiful examples of a mytilus and 3dlab cooperation. We had to live in the office in the last few days, but I think it was worth it. Here's another quality product to trigger your imagination. Ronin Warrior Outfit for Genesis 8 Females is a fantastic warrior outfit but also a quality warrior costume that you can also use for many historical periods. You know, we have combined our talents to offer you, our customers, higher quality products much faster. As our interoperability harmony progresses, we will offer you more quality and rich products. I hope you like this product too and have fun. Ronin Warrior is a warrior outfit set designed for Genesis 8 Female(s) to give you high-quality mesh models along with multiple dynamic, styling, and adjust morphs to allow each individual part of the outfit to follow each sassy step Genesis 8 Female takes. These morphs provide you advanced movements realistically with perfect conforming so that you can get more flexibility and freedom out of your works. Models in this pack are modeled as high-quality but low polygons as not to strain your PC, allowing you to use high realism without losing any performance. All of the textures are high-quality and extremely detailed. All of the meshes have their own high-quality textures. There are very cool designs and details on the suit, gloves, shoes, and especially swords. We are sure that you will like these details. The sword comes ready to use thanks to the wearable poses prepared for both the right and left hand. But if you still want to use it independently, you can use the free one. Materials There is a material setting with the name "RW Back Sword Off" in the material folder. It provides to see only the scabbard alone on the back. When you choose the Back Sword and apply the material, it hides the sword, but the scabbard will be still there. Poses There are also 2 hand poses each left and right for the sword, and there is a foot pose for the shoes in the Pose folder. Fitting, Styling, and Dynamic Morphs All included morphs have been carefully crafted and refined to give you realistic fits, especially in the chest area. Morphs that are not listed here automatically follow through Auto-Follow in DAZ Studio 4.8+.

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