Daz3D – Bundle #334

Author Sonya
Daz3D – Bundle #334

Daz3D – Bundle #334


Book Pack
dForce Aerwyna Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
dForce Fantasy Dancer Outfit and Poses For Genesis 8 Female(s)
Fireworks and 2016 props for Daz Iray
First Swan Two- Poses for the Genesis 3 Female
Gagged 2
HD Nipples For G8F
Kotomi for Genesis 8 Female
Lauran Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s)
MD Rock Jewelry for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)
Modern Dance Poses for Genesis 3 Female
Rim Light Rig Iray
Scifi Ship Building Blocks
SF Auras Genesis 8 Female
Summertime Water Guns
Tears of the Gods Textures
The Balcony
The Unicorn
v176 Toon Forest Vignette
Wasteland Weapons - The Guns - Extended License
Z Fallen Angel - Poses for the Genesis 3 Female(s)
Z Pure Emotion - Morph Dial and One-Click Expressions for the Genesis 3 Female(s)
Z Sexy Body Shapes for Genesis 8 Female

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  1. mrvision
    mrvision2019 March 15 11:50
    hello! can't download file 2, please help ! thank you !
    1. Sonya2019 March 15 14:00
      Just downloaded it - NO any problem
      1. mrvision
        mrvision2019 March 15 20:21
        oh no, sorry, cannot :(
        Daz-Set-334.part2.rar has a problem: it says "only for premium"
        I tried HITFILE and NITROFLARE but cannot. Please help!
  2. mrvision
    mrvision2019 March 15 20:23
    Daz-set-334.part1.rar no problem. Only part2 has problem. Can you upload it again please? thank you so much!
  3. mrvision
    mrvision2019 March 16 14:16
    When I tried to download daz-set-334.part2 appear this message:
    Limit reached for free download of this file. You can download this file using the premium access[u][/u]
    Always the same message and I cannot download this part2... can you upload part2 again please? thank you!
  4. mrvision
    mrvision2019 March 19 00:44
    Someone could download it? anyone can help?
    1. Sonya2019 March 19 11:55
      Try to download by premium account - all works. smirk
      1. mrvision
        mrvision2019 March 19 23:03
        Mmm? oh.. but download by Premium account need a payment, it is not free... :( :( :( :( unfortunately, my economy is not very wonderful :(
        I would appreciate if you can upload it FREE as USUAL. I usually download in this website and this is the FIRST time I see that need to pay with a Premium account... very bad and sad :(
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