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Author Sonya
FG Pirate Bundle
Author Sonya
Daz 3D, Poser Bundle 8 March 2020
Daz 3D, Poser Bundle 8 March 2020
Author Sonya
Josephene 8 Pro Bundle
This bundle includes Josephene base character, additional characters Lanna and Scarlett, four stunning, svelte, and dangerous outfits, two amazing Hairs, and two action-packed Pose sets so you can make Josephene 8 yours.
Author Alex
Daz 3D, Poser Bundle 7 March 2020
Daz 3D, Poser Bundle 7 March 2020 | 9.55 GB
This category lets you download Daz3D, Poser goodies that you came here looking for. This is pretty exciting for us because we weren't able to actually find a worthy collection of Daz3D/Poser assets anywhere on the internet. Also worth mentioning – we won't go into this whole Daz3D vs. Poser debate, we think that 3D art is beautiful and you should use whichever software you prefer. We are open-minded like that!
Anyway, let's go over the sub-categories featured within this particular category. We have: bundles, characters, clothing, hair, accessories, props, textures, poses, other, and software. All of them are pretty self-explanatory, but we still feel the need to describe what these categories have in store for you. Just in case you're new to this or have 3 minutes to spare. Alright, let's start with the most convenient one – bundles. You can download bundles for free here, just in case you were wondering. Usually, people try to upsell you on these, but we're letting you access all of that for free. You can download Daz3D – Bundle #256, you can download any numbered bundled for Daz and Poser, basically. You can download some of the more specific ones, including the one called Teen Kaylee 8 Pro. We're not trying to be pervy, we're just handing out suggestions!
Characters section features both male and female characters, ready to be used. There are many-many different fantasy creatures in there as well, including orcs, goblins, elves, etc. Clothing, of course, features a ton of different clothing items, most of them are risqué – Wonder Woman garb, sexy pumps, revealing bikinis and so forth. Hair packs are amazing, you get many different hairdos in a neat pack, that's pretty handy. The selection of accessories is also pretty varied, you get dog bowls, jewelry, shades, demon horns, you name it. The props category is one of the most useful, here you will find pistols, pools, curtains, kitchens, islands, and many different locations suitable for all purposes. The textures featured on our website are all high-resolution, photorealistic and free, most importantly. The poses featured here are also varied, you have packs for canine poses, seductive poses (for humans, not dogs), even something as niche as freight train poses, that's the kind of stuff you will be able to find here.
Of course, the miscellaneous category features all kinds of assorted assets for both Daz3D and Poser, you will be able to find some real gems there. The software category features apps and plugs for the two aforementioned 3D art programs. There's Smith Micro Poser Pro Win, there's the ability to download DAZ Studio Pro Edition Win/Mac, there's Animated Textures Script Pro For Daz Studio 3 and 4, along with many other stand-alone apps and neat plugins.
That does it for our "brief" introductory message, now you're all set. Now you know what kind of amazing content you can find within these sub-categories. Good luck, have fun, hopefully, you'll find what you came here for!
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