Oil Painting for Beginners – The Ultimate Crash Course Guide to Oil Painting in 24 hours! (PDF, AZW3)

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Oil Painting for Beginners – The Ultimate Crash Course Guide to Oil Painting in 24 hours! (PDF, AZW3)

Oil Painting for Beginners – The Ultimate Crash Course Guide to Oil Painting in 24 hours!

THE GUIDE TO OIL PAINTING THAT ALL BEGINNERS MUST HAVE! Learn everything you need to know about oil painting materials and techniques This book is for everybody who would want to learn about oil painting and the proper way to do it. Regardless if you are an adult, an employee or a student, you can learn oil painting and get started. You will learn how to choose the right oil-based paints, painting tools, supports and extra materials accordingly. By the time you finish reading this book you are going to be able to start you oil painting journey and create a masterpiece. Of course you will commit mistakes but as you practice and apply the techniques and tips provided in this book, you will improve for sure. Why You Must Have This Book! > In this book you will learn how to use the different types of brushes according to your desired effects and techniques > This book will teach you the steps to mix colors and how to match colors according to three concepts that every artist must know. > In this book you will learn how to work even with a limited set of colors by blending, doing curves and applying various brushstrokes > This book will guide you through the five basic forms of painting that beginners like you must learn > This book will teach you how to create shadows, what is contrast and how to achieve various textures as well as the relationship between distance and colors > In this book you will learn the essence various techniques such as fat over lean, using the tinting strength, glazing, washing and impasto effects and how you can apply them to your work What You'll Discover from the Book "Oil Painting: A Beginners Guide to Painting: Learn Oil Painting in 24 hours, Mastering Oil Painting Today!" ** Why you need to be choosy from the shop name, to the images you will post to the overall look of your Etsy shop ** How to take pictures of your items using different techniques ** Step by step instructions on how to start oil painting starting form sketching or drawing, proper layering, working on the edges and applying techniques **The importance of cleaning up all your painting materials and painting surfaces before and after your oil painting session **What to do to prime your support whether it is wood panel, canvas , glass or metal **How to sketch directly on canvas using charcoal and what are the two types of it Let's Learn Together! Hurry!

English | July 7, 2015 | ISBN: 1514798069 | 47 pages | PDF, AZW3 | 0.38 MB

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