Eyes of Fire – How Icons Saved My Life As An Artist (EPUB)

Author Ariel
Eyes of Fire – How Icons Saved My Life As An Artist (EPUB)

Eyes of Fire – How Icons Saved My Life As An Artist

This book will bring the act of seeing and perceiving God in the visual image back into a modern day perspective. Inside the pages of Eyes of Fire you will learn, explore and discover the evolution of these icons from hundreds of yearsago to the present day, with chapters that explore:➢A personal view➢Relevance and importance of icons today➢How the art developed➢Cultural perspectives➢Art as prayer➢A modern history of icon discovery➢How icons deepen our understanding of God➢And much more…Fascinating throughout, Eyes of Fire is simply a must read for anyone who has even a passing interest in this subject and who wants to learn more. You will gain a deeper understanding of why icons mean so much even today! Icons as Contemporary Art Practice“Eyes of Fire “ is a book about more than painting icons inspired by historical Byzantine methods and historically accurate materials. It is an in-depth study on the evolution of religious arts and iconography, with a strong focus on sharing such a wealth of knowledge in the field with others, keeping these artistic traditions alive.“Eyes of Fire” is a book about groundbreaking personal transformation, achieved through experiencing Icons. It is as much about spiritual strength and power as it is about the timeless artistry and passion of religious Icons as seen through the eyes of a contemporary painter and Iconographer.

English | ISBN: 1726739988 | 129 pages | EPUB | October 5, 2018 | 4.13 Mb

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