Future's Series: Teach Yourself Photography (3rd Edition) 2018

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Future's Series: Teach Yourself Photography (3rd Edition) 2018

Future's Series: Teach Yourself Photography (3rd Edition) 2018
English | 196 pages | PDF | 93 MB

Compared with camera phones and compact cameras, modern DSLRs can seem terribly over-complicated to the novice photographer. The truth is, they have to be over-complicated to satisfy the needs of a diverse range of users, despite the fact that most photographers will only use a small percentage of the features on a regular basis. What the beginner photographer really needs, then, is a no-nonsense guide to the most important features on DSLRs written by experts that reveals in plain English exactly what they need to know and nothing more. This is that book. Teach yourself Photography explains all the photography concepts beginners need, such as how to balance exposures, how to get sharp shots, and how to maximise image quality. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you can then move on to our more advanced skills section at the end of the book featuring practical how-to guides for shooting a range of core subjects. Take your photography to the next level and start learning today.

Inside you'll find:
- Set up your camera
- Get your new digital SLR camera out of the box
- A guide to digital camera batteries
- Memory cards for digital cameras explained
- How to fit a lens to your camera
- A guided tour of your digital SLR camera
- The basics explained
- A guide to your camera’s menu system
- Learn how to hold your SLR correctly
- Discover how to zoom and focus a lens
- Learn how to take your first photo
- Transfer images from camera to computer
- Learn key features of your camera
- Learn the different ways of framing
- Automatic shooting modes
- Stay sharp with autofocus
- Maximise your picture quality
- Review your photos on screen
- Capture stunning creative portraits
- A guide to your SLR’s Scene modes
- Produce picture-perfect portraits
- Discover how to blur a background
- Use autofocus points for sharper shots
- Get natural lighting right
- Shoot inspiring landscapes
- Master landscape composition
- Make the most of natural light
- Maximise your depth of field
- Take control of your exposures
- Capture kids having fun
- Easy home lighting
- Add pizzazz with camera picture styles
- How to avoid unwanted blur
- Capture action-packed pictures
- Fun family portrait tips
- Start taking control
- Take control in Program mode
- Get to grips with the mode dial
- The basics of exposure
- Get to grips with manual mode
- Which camera lens next?
- Core skills
- Say hi to a bluer sky!
- Control bright skies
- Shoot sunsets
- Take it slow
- Get your landscapes sharp
- Discover the drama of black and white
- Get multiple exposures
- Play with fire
- Shoot the breeze
- Make a splash
- Go crazy with colour
- Get started with fine-art nudes
- Fill faces with flash
- Spotlight on snoots
- Perfect the strobist look

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