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Author Ariel
Today, 09:23
Digital Camera World – June 2020 (PDF)
Digital Camera World – June 2020 | English | 134 pages | PDF | 106.02 MB
Author Ariel
Today, 09:20
Canon For Beginners – 2nd Edition 2020 (PDF)
Canon For Beginners – 2nd Edition 2020 | English | 62 pages | PDF | 46.27 MB
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 16:13
To Build – March-June 2020 (True PDF)
To Build – March-June 2020 | English | 132 pages | True PDF | 29.30 MB
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 16:05
Art Monthly -No 432 December 2019 – January 2020 (PDF)
Art Monthly -No 432 December 2019 – January 2020 | English | 52 pages | PDF | 53 MB
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 16:01
Mein Kreativ-Atelier – Nr.115 2020 (True PDF)
Mein Kreativ-Atelier – Nr.115 2020 | German | 84 pages | True PDF | 56 MB
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 15:56
Photo Weekly – N° 128 2020 (Trur PDF)
Photo Weekly – N° 128 2020 | Deutsch | 28 pages | True PDF | 33.5 MB
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 15:44
David Reid Design Magazine – Volume 3 2020 (PDF)
David Reid Design Magazine – Volume 3 2020 | English | 56 pages | PDF | 10.60 MB
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 13:05
D&D Diseño y Decoración – Abril 2020 (PDF)
D&D Diseño y Decoración – Abril 2020 | Español | 100 pages | PDF | 17 MB
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 13:02
Fotohits – Juni 2020 (True PDF)
Fotohits – Juni 2020 | German | 134 pages | True PDF | 22 MB
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 11:26
SelfBuild Design – July 2020 (PDF)
SelfBuild Design – July 2020 | English | 100 pages | PDF | 78.41 MB
Hey there, random visitor! We have something really special for you here. In this category, you will be able to download books. Sounds fun, huh? You will also be able to download magazines. Yay! Reading is fun, isn't it? Well, not always. But we have tried our best to upload only the magazines/books that would be of interest to people that are involved in graphic design and 3D modeling. Now, let's talk more about what kinds of stuff you'll be able to find here.
The first magazine that we wanna bring up is 3D Artist. This magazine has all sorts of great advice and inspiration for an aspiring artist. Or a veteran artist. Or anyone in between the two. The magazine is always fun to read, it offers great insight and it's just great-looking. Exactly the kind of magazine you would want to read if you wanna unwind in the most productive way imaginable. You can download 3D Artist magazine in near PDF files. You're very welcome.
Next off, we have Photoshop Creative. This is the single best magazine for Photoshop tutorials, helpful advice, and inspiration. Even if you are not that experienced, you still will be able to find some neat information that will definitely help you down the road. Photoshop Creative remains one of the most popular magazines on the App Store, by the way. There's a very good reason for that.
ImagineFX magazine is a digital art magazine. It's perfect for all the anime, sci-fi and video game nerds. The issues are always packed with in-depth workshops from some of the best artists working today. If that doesn't sound appealing to you, we don't know what will. Next up with have 3D World, it's a magazine that is filled with valuable information regarding 3D animation and visual effects. You can easily download 3D world magazine right here. Enjoy the freshest 3D art tutorials. You're gonna love it.
When it comes to books, we have plenty to offer. We have plenty of books called The Art of X. For example, we have The Art of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, The Art of the Animated Series Avatar: Last Airbender, Hellboy: The Art of Hellboy, among many others. These books give you a great insight into the world of visual storytelling and color work. You will see all the neat concept arts, first sketches, etc. The one that we really wanna see on here in the near future is The Art of Metal Gear Solid because, duh, Yoji Shinkawa is a genius and inspiration to all.
Of course, our book selection doesn't end on art books. We have plenty of BOOK books that talk at length about the nitty-gritty of the visual effects and design. There are many books that read exactly like the For Dummies ones, for example, The Filmmaker's Guide to Visual Effects: The Art and Techniques of VFX for Directors, Producers, Editors and Cinematographers is going to give you a great number of lessons for free. Too bad the title takes up half the page.
No matter what kind of book you're after, no matter what kind of magazine you're after, you will be able to find it here and it's a promise.
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