Wall clock Steering Wheel by George Nelson

Author Ariel
Wall clock Steering Wheel by George Nelson

The original Steering Wheel wall clock was designed by George Nelson, an American designer and one of the founders of American modernism, in 1949. In the watchmaking industry, George Nelson was, to some degree, an innovator. He had a special talent and a view of the world that went beyond his era. In his hands, watches became not just a mechanism that counts the time. He developed a unique author's design for each subject, while preserving its consumer properties. The hours he created will always be relevant and appropriate in any interior.

Truly original, George Nelson's watches adorn the very best homes around the world. For the first time they were invented absolutely by accident. So, Nelson and his friends fooled around and drew scribbles, making fun of the fact that in this way you can come up with a clock. In the morning, among the many sketches, one sketch was noticed, which formed the basis for the Ball watch, perhaps the most popular of the entire series of designer creations of George Nelson.

The steering wheel Steering Wheel will also be an excellent varinette for interior decoration. Gabaraites: 30.5 cm x 7.5 cm.
3D-Model details:
  • Format: 3ds Max
  • Polygons: N/A
  • Textures: No
  • Animated: No
  • Rigged: No

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