Via Fondazza vases by Skultuna

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Via Fondazza vases by Skultuna

Designer Paolo Del Elche created a mirror brass vase Via Fondazza for the Swedish company Skultuna on the basis of paintings by an Italian artist of the twentieth century.

Vessels Via Fondazza from Paolo Del Elche are created on motives of vases, which were depicted in their paintings and engravings by the Italian artist Giorgio Morandi, whose works were based on a detailed study of shapes and proportions. Via Fondazza is the name of the street in Bologna, where the artist lived and worked.

At the beginning of the project Del Elche explored the use of brass over the centuries to find inspiration for creating objects from this material. To create an object made entirely of brass, the designer had to learn the best examples of production from this age-old material. The designer's goal was to design an object that would correspond to the sequence of use and evolution of the forms of this material. Despite the fact that the work of Morandi two-dimensional, this artist has always had a huge impact on the work of Del Elche.
3D-Model details:
  • Format: 3ds Max 2015 (Corona), fbx
  • Polygons: N/A
  • Textures: No
  • Animated: No
  • Rigged: No

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