3D model Hitman Toolbox
Hitman Toolbox
3ds Max, OBJ, FBX
3D model Ceiling ventilation 4
Ceiling ventilation 4
3ds Max
3D model Ceiling ventilation 3
Ceiling ventilation 3
3ds Max
3D model Ceiling ventilation 2
Ceiling ventilation 2
3ds Max
3D model Set ventilation pipes
Set ventilation pipes
3ds Max 2011 (Vray), obj
3D model Bolt Cutter
Bolt Cutter
3D model Crane Hook
Crane Hook
3ds Max, OBJ, FBX
3D model Solid fuel boiler
Solid fuel boiler
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), fbx
3D model Garage tools set
Garage tools set
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), fbx
3D model Port crane Battlefield 3
Port crane Battlefield 3
3ds Max 2014 (Corona), fbx
3D model Set of keys and screwdrivers
Set of keys and
dae, dxf, wrl, obj
3D model Connection element
Connection element
3ds Max 2010, 2014 (Vray), C4D,
3D model Flat screwdriver
Flat screwdriver
Maya, fbx, obj, 3ds
3D model Square steel truss section
Square steel truss
3ds Max 2014 (Vray), c4d, 3ds,
3D model Electrical cable
Electrical cable
3ds Max
3D model Hydraulic system fragment
Hydraulic system fragment
3ds Max 2010
3D model Hammer and nail
Hammer and nail
3ds Max 2011, 2016 (Vray), fbx, obj
3D model Plastic organizer Titan C-30
Plastic organizer Titan
3ds Max 2013 (MentalRay), obj
3D model Wood burning set
Wood burning set
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), fbx
3D model Diesel generator
Diesel generator
3D model Electric jigsaw Phiolent PS 520 E
Electric jigsaw Phiolent
3ds Max 2009 (Vray)
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Jessy writes:
For *** sake upload for maya. This is a fifth upload for max!
Sonya writes:
Fixed, try to download now.
touille writes:
hello, hitfile part 3 and 4 Don't work anymore… Thanks
arf64 writes:
I'm having problems with the system id. I am replacing the system ID part with the part AAA .. but it is not.