PBR Game Models Bundle November 2018

Author Alex
PBR Game Models Bundle November 2018

PBR Game Models Bundle November 2018 1

PBR Game Models Bundle November 2018 2

PBR Game Models Bundle November 2018

Format: MAX, FBX. OBJ, PBR textures.


25 Afghanistan City Buildings Props for Games
3D Cartoonish Tree
45 SciFi-Props
5 Gallon Jerry Gas Fuel Can 3d Mdoel
Airplane SBD Dauntless
Asura rifle
Barbarian warrior
Batman 3D Model #2
Beach House
BlackBird Ornithopter
Camper trailer
Captain America Avengers
Captain Pelayo
Cartoon Agent Girl
Cash Register
Classic Volkswagen Beetle
Combat Boat
Concept LearJet
Crane Hook
Cyber Hand
Cyberpunk Room 3D
Darkmatter Enforcer
Desert Phoenix
Dictaphone Audio Recorder
Dinosaur T-REX
DOOM Eternal Plasma gun
Doom Grenade Launcher
DOOM Plasma Rifle
Doomhammer WARCraft
Dornier Do 335
Dump Truck
Dust Tactics Heavy Panzer Walker
Endless Space 2-Supremacy Spaceships
F-35B Lockheed Martin
Falcon hero
Fishmonger shop
Floyd Mayweather
Fpp bomb
GAZ Tiger 4x4 multipurpose mobility vehicle
German Assault
Ghost Recon Phantom
Godess of war
Got Assassin Girl
GTA 5 Road 01
Guyver The Bioboosted Armor
Heavy Assault Corvette
Heavy Dreadnought
HMLTV-998 Buldog
House Interior
HQ Alloy Wheel
Husqvarna Bike Vitpilen401
Island Warrior Girl
Jabba The Hutt
Kel-Tec KSG Zombie Buster
King Kong
Light Support Fregate
Lion 3D-scan
little robot
Low Poly Game Ready Hummvee
Lynx DCC Buggy
M142A1 Thor
M39 DMR Rifle
Machin 3D Asset The Probe
Male Body
Mants boss
Marie Fischer
MATV Armored vehicle
McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II
MIG-21 bis Fishbed
Military Radio
Military soldier
Millenium Falcon Ultra Detail
MK14-EBR Rifle
Mmoes tavern
Mount Bike
Myriam 10016 Ready Posed
Naked girl with long hair
National Guard
Natural Stone Door 3D
Nazi Electric Generator
Nightgaunt Statue
Nomad Buggy
Overwatch Reaper
Panzer II Ausf-B
Pokertable Props set
Quandero-2 Police BOT
Realistic Alien 6
Recon Heli
Remington MSR
RG-33 Armored vehicle
Rhino Mech 778
Round Table
Rowing Boat
School Bag
Ship Tanker
Shoulder bag
Soda machines
Soldier SOBR
Soviet Rat-Rod Engine
Space Chick
SPM-3 Armoured Vehicle
Sports bike
Star Wars The Old Republic Commando
Steampunk Car
Steampunk RailGun
Steampunk Violin
Steel Armor set
Tactical Shotgun Longinus Victoria A5
Tank M1A2 Abrams
Tasc Soldier
Temple of the Monkey Buddha
The Mask of Almagro El Conquistador
Titanfall 2 pilot character
Tribal Warrior Basemesh
Type-87 aw
Typewriter Noir
Unreal Bike – CAD IGS Format
UNSC Scrubber
Vickers MachineGun 3D
Waling Business Woman with Dress
Wandering Knight
Wheel 43
Yamaha Raptor QUAD
Yanaka Coffee Shop
ZBL-09 Armoured Vehicle
Zerg Hydralisk

Password: 7765.gfx-hub.net.9845

You can download these and other 3D models separately here - https://pbr3dmaterials.com/

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  1. leon2018 November 7 16:27
    what is the password for the zip ?
    1. Sonya2018 November 7 16:28
      will be later
      1. leon2018 November 7 16:44
        i didnt understan !

        do u mean the password is : willbelate

        i didn't understand*

        do u mean the password is : willbelate
  2. leon2018 November 7 16:49
    plz i need the password for the rar file
  3. Spenser Dickerson2018 November 7 16:57
    Please upload a Nitro link?

    1. leon2018 November 7 17:00
      did you get the password ?
  4. Steve
    bullitt2018 November 7 17:00
    password would be good
  5. Alaa2018 November 7 19:12
    What is the Password?

    Where is the password for the love of god?????
  6. arshad
    arshad2018 November 7 19:15
    Password Please !!!!!!!!!
  7. Sonya2018 November 7 19:45
    Password: 7765.gfx-hub.net.9845
    1. Leon2018 November 7 20:55
      Thank you so much
  8. Tronkor2018 November 9 15:24
    Why not free the part 7 of Hitfile?
  9. Mahmoud
    Dr.Mahmoud2018 November 12 16:00
    part 7 of hotfile isn't avialable for free!!!!!
  10. Johnnycaifan2018 December 8 16:19
    part 7 isn't avialable
    1. Sonya2018 December 8 17:26
      part 7 on server
  11. Korwinnn2018 December 13 16:27
    Please, Part 7 of hotfile as reached limit free download, and Part 7 of Nitroflare isn't avialable for free download.
    Thank you.
  12. benson2018 December 14 05:00
    please could you upload on other links plzzzzz
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