CGAxis – Kids Furniture 3D Models Collection – Volume 96

Author Alex
CGAxis – Kids Furniture 3D Models Collection – Volume 96

Kids Furniture 3D Models Collection Volume 96 is a collection of 31 highly detailed 3D models of children’s room furniture.

In this collection, you will find many types of furniture in different styles: wall shelves, single beds, and bunk beds, desks, cabinets, feeding chairs and wardrobes. Download PDF brochure for all 3D models list.

All models in this collection are prepared for 3ds max 2010 (V-Ray, Corona, Mental Ray, Scanline), Cinema 4D R15 (Advanced Renderer, V-Ray), FBX, OBJ file formats.

Available file formats

Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 (or higher) – Scanline
Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 (or higher) – Corona
Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 (or higher) – VRay
Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 (or higher) – MentalRay
Cinema 4D R15
Cinema 4D R15 VRay

Password: hgs67Gdj.gfx-hub

Download links for CGAxis – Kids Furniture 3D Models Collection – Volume 96:

  1. Guest Alex2018 October 2 19:29
    could you send me the password ?? :)
    1. Sonya2018 October 2 21:17
      will be tomorrow
  2. Sinan
    SSASSA2018 October 3 15:15
    Thanx for the sharing. But rar pass is missing
    1. Sonya2018 October 3 16:32
      a little patience smirk
      1. Sinan
        SSASSA2018 October 3 17:30
        Thanx for the interest
  3. shange cho
    cho218602018 October 4 21:53
    password wrong! new password need
    1. Sonya2018 October 5 14:28
      Just downloaded and unpacked with this password, everything is OK!
      Check the files and your archiver - need WinRar 5.5 and above
      1. Rafid Arabo
        Rafid Arabo2019 April 15 17:01
        what is the password i can't see it in the comments
  4. Rafid Arabo
    Rafid Arabo2019 April 15 16:16
    what is the password?
  5. Rafid Arabo
    Rafid Arabo2019 April 15 17:02
    Sorry i see it and it is working just fine .......Thanks!
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