DigitalXModels – Volume 17 – Residential Doors

Author Alex
DigitalXModels – Volume 17 – Residential Doors

Download DigitalXModels – Volume 17 – Residential Doors: 3D-Models collection

If there’s one thing that aggravates me in the middle of a project, it’s having to stop working on something fun so that I can model something as mundane as a door. Right?? How dull!! Shoot me now! Even when they’re as simple as a box inside of a simple frame, it almost seems painful! Well… that’s what we do here at We take your pain away. In fact, when you merge our models into your 3D scene, some users actually experience a natural high! Amazing, right?! We do it all for you. There are a LOT of doors here. This collection contains 23 unique front doors, 7 French doors, 21 interior doors, 25 garage doors, and 13 nicely detailed door knobs. Think about it… that’s a lot of pain right there… POOF! GONE!!!

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sketch100 writes:
hey guys, the links are dead for this one. Could we please get a reupload?
Sonya writes:
All links work - you need premium for download it.
Sonya writes:
Hello again! All parts fixed and added missed 6 lesson. Check now.
Kerry000 writes:
This is just the [DEMO] version. It does not work properly with Maya 2019. Wait for a new version with a working crack.