Kitbash3D – Space Colony

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Kitbash3D – Space Colony

Kitbash3D – Space Colony 3d-models set

Create the future cosmic settlements of mankind, whether they are hyper-realistic renditions of potential habitats on the Moon or Mars, or megastructures assembled across fictional celestial entities in a far-off galaxy of your most inventive constructions. Use this kit’s habitat pods, utility structures, antennas, sci-fi tanks, solar panels and research outposts to dream up where our eventual interplanetary selves will live and coexist with whatever else they find beyond the borders of our Earth's atmosphere! 3D Models by Michal Kozlowski | Kit Design and Cover Art by Jort van Welbergen. Textures created by

File Formats Include: .MA | .MAX | .OBJ | .FBX
Total Poly Count: 1.1 Million
Uved and Setup for Tileable Textures
Textures Included!

Download links:

  1. Maxx2018 May 18 17:54
    Hey guys, I understand that a lot of people out there are trying to learn, and can't afford to buy a full kit. Being on the other side though, we are trying to hire the best modelers and create the most amazing 3d assets for artists everywhere.

    If you can't afford the kit, by all means grab this (I haven't downloaded it so I don't know how clean the files are) but if you want to support us, so we can keep building these, here's a 50% code for Space Colony that you can use on the site: SupportKB

    Thank you all, and best of luck on your artistic journeys

    Maxx Burman
    Co Founder | KitBash3d
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