Maxtree – Plant Models Vol. 15

Author Alex
Maxtree – Plant Models Vol. 15

Download 3D-Models: Maxtree – Plant Models Vol. 15

Plant Models Vol 15 is a collection of high-quality 3D models for architectural visualization.
Includes 18 species and each species with 3 different variations models.

All (*.max) files provides with V-Ray materials, Corona Materials.

Formats: MAX | FBX
Software | Plugin: 3Ds max 2012 | GrowFX 1.99 sp6 | Forest Pack Pro 5.0 or above
Renderers: Corona 1.6 | V-Ray 3.6 | Scanline or above
Total size: 5.44GB
Forest Library: Yes
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
UVW Mapped: Yes
Cover Scenes with lights: Yes ( Corona Materials only )

Download links for Maxtree – Plant Models Vol. 15:

  1. Amarello2019 March 26 01:21
    Textures is missing, could you fix it please?
  2. Panza
    panza2019 March 26 10:08
    all links dead
    1. Sonya2019 March 26 13:45
      links fixed - check now
      1. Amarello2019 March 26 14:52
        How those missing textures? Can you fix it?
  3. corchet
    lexland2019 March 26 15:37
    thanks a lot ! ;)
  4. Guest Alex2019 March 26 16:45
    Please reupload files, now all links are unavailable(
    1. Sonya2019 March 26 17:25
      All links works - check now pls
  5. Guest Ilya2019 March 27 12:49
    Textures is missing, could you fix it please? (hitfile)
  6. Andrei2019 April 3 18:15
    it's only for premium users?
  7. Andrei2019 April 5 04:47
    first of all, thanks to this amazing site.

    Can you allow the downloads for common users to?

    On "hitfile" says that only premium users can download the files.

    1. Sonya2019 April 5 13:30
      Thanks for the good feedback, come back often and bring friends!
      The fact is that the poster itself establishes the possibility of paid or free download of files. Some content is only premium.
      1. Mohammad Nabil
        bolbolegypt2019 April 7 19:15
        Thanks, I'm a premium user .. Texturing is not available for this links .. please can you upload textures in the separate link .. thanks.
      2. Andrei2019 April 16 16:54
        Can you upload the Map folder of this MaxTree Volume?
        Thanks in advance.
  8. Adriano
    smallcityguy2019 April 15 07:34
    Map library is missing... will you be uploading it soon?

  9. Andrei2019 April 15 19:43
    PLease upload the texture files, Missing Map library. Can you fix it please? it's very important.


    Maps folder is missing :(
    please help
  10. Adriano
    smallcityguy2019 April 16 17:18
    Not even the Corona msh or Vray Mesh file is there, just the Forest Pack

    We really appreciate it!

  11. Adriano
    smallcityguy2019 April 27 20:07
    Hi SONYA! Could you help us please?
    MAP & Mesh folder is missing

    We would Really Appreciatte it"!

  12. Uros2019 June 11 01:58
    maps are missing... useless
  13. Mohammad Nabil
    bolbolegypt2019 June 17 16:45
    any news about maps for this volume guys?
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