Vertex Library – HyperGrass 01 WildGreen

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Vertex Library – HyperGrass 01 WildGreen

3D-Models: Vertex Library – HyperGrass 01 WildGreen

HyperGrass takes 3D grass to the next level with a unique layering approach.

Wild Green is divided into 5 categories with gradually increasing amounts of stalk height and leaf growth.

Create entirely different styles of grass by layering, shaping and combining all the different variations to match your desired look.

Modular Design

With the aim of achieving true photo-realism, we studied the growth patterns of real grass and designed HyperGrass to be modular and physically accurate.

Wild Green includes a variety of individual grass models with proper stalks and leaves. Scatter these directly across terrain or create your own perfectly shaped clusters to quickly decorate a scene.

PBR Textures

Wild Green includes 3 texture atlases, which offer a total of 24 texture variations.

Albedo | Translucency | Roughness | Gloss | Specular | Normals | Bump


HyperGrass is a set of 3D models designed to work with any 3D software that supports geometry instancing.

Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Cinema 4D and Blender and are all supported.

HyperGrass is perfect for instancing plugins such as MASH, XGen, Forest Pack or Forester.

Combo Patches

To help you cover larger terrains we created a variety of round and square patches with scattered grass.
Four sizes are available – 10, 20, 30 and 40cm.

Use the combo patches to easily create huge fields of background grass. Then seamlessly mix in the individual variations for perfectly sculpted close-up grass.

OBJ + FBX + Maps

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