3D model Modern apartment house
Modern apartment house
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), obj
3D model Arbor from wooden logs
Arbor from wooden logs
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), fbx
3D model Wall of living green bamboo
Wall of living green
3ds Max 2011 (Vray)
3D model Rustic well
Rustic well
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), fbx
3D model Mannequin with ivy
Mannequin with ivy
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), obj
3D model Game house on the tree
Game house on the tree
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), fbx
3D model Cover small Dutch house
Cover small Dutch house
3ds Max 2014 (Vray), fbx
3D model Winter garden set MODUS Schuco
Winter garden set MODUS
3ds Max 2011, 2014 (Corona), fbx
3D model Arches with clematis
Arches with clematis
3ds Max, fbx
3D model Outdoor sofa «Le Refuge» by Marc Ange
Outdoor sofa «Le Refuge»
3ds Max (Vray), 3ds, fbx, obj
3D model Small European house
Small European house
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), OBJ
3D model Octagonal wooden  garden house
Octagonal wooden garden
3ds Max 2012 (Corona), obj
3D model Tronchi Rovere by Studio Linfadecor
Tronchi Rovere by Studio
3ds Max (Corona), fbx
3D model Wooden pergola for exterior
Wooden pergola for
3ds Max 2012 (Vray), fbx
3D model Modern realistic fountain
Modern realistic fountain
3ds Max 2014 (Vray), obj
3D model Three-storey house Namiu
Three-storey house Namiu
max 2009 (Vray)
3D model Outdoor stand
Outdoor stand
max 2011 (Vray)
3D model Old cathedral
Old cathedral
3D model Japanese Hikone Castle
Japanese Hikone Castle
3ds Max
3D model City light-box
City light-box
max 2011 (Vray)
3D model Circular bench and tree
Circular bench and tree
max 2011 (Vray)
3D model Beautiful classical cottage
Beautiful classical
3ds Max 2011, OBJ
3D model Barbecue oven
Barbecue oven
max 2009 (Vray)
3D model Arbor with bar counter
Arbor with bar counter
max 2009 (Vray)
3D model Wooden well with a roof
Wooden well with a roof
3ds Max 9 (Vray)
3D model Signage Tree Airport System By Burri
Signage Tree Airport
3ds Max 2011, VRay, Mental Ray,
3D model Cleo Bicycle Stand By Burri
Cleo Bicycle Stand By
3ds Max 2011, VRay, Mental Ray,
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