3D model Airplane Ту-160
Airplane Ту-160
3ds Max
3D model US Skytrain Bomber
US Skytrain Bomber
3D model F-2A Airplane
F-2A Airplane
3ds Max, OBJ
3D model Drone
3ds Max, OBJ
3D model AC-130U Spooky
AC-130U Spooky
3ds Max, OBJ
3D model A-12 Avenger II + Cockpit
A-12 Avenger II + Cockpit
3D model Airplane SBD Dauntless
Airplane SBD Dauntless
3ds Max, OBJ, FBX
3D model ASF-X Shinden II
ASF-X Shinden II
3ds Max, OBJ
3D model A-10 Thunderbolt plane
A-10 Thunderbolt plane
3ds Max, OBJ
3D model TU-14t PBR
TU-14t PBR
3ds Max, OBJ, FBX
3D model Light Support Fregate
Light Support Fregate
3ds Max, OBJ, FBX
3D model Heavy Space Dreadnought
Heavy Space Dreadnought
3ds Max, OBJ, FBX
3D model TurboSquid – Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk US Military Utility Helicopter
TurboSquid – Sikorsky
3ds Max 2012 (Vray)
3D model Biplane Po-2
Biplane Po-2
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), obj
3D model Spaceship
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), OBJ
3D model Boeing 777-300
Boeing 777-300
3ds Max 2014 (Vray, Corona), OBJ
3D model Russian fighter bomber Sukhoi Su-34
Russian fighter bomber
fbx, dae, jas, obj
3D model Triple starship Orca Starcitizen, from Aegis
Triple starship Orca
Maya 2017 (Arnold)
3D model Double spaceship VEG-03 VEGA
Double spaceship VEG-03
3D model Assault helicopter «Apache»
Assault helicopter
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), fbx
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