Hi-Quality 3D models for download

3D model Poltorna Frau MAMY BLUE BED
Poltorna Frau MAMY
3ds Max 2014, fbx
3D model Set room laundry room
Set room laundry room
3ds Max 2012
3D model Minotti Monge bench
Minotti Monge bench
3ds Max, fbx
3D model Minotti Andersen Sofa 2
Minotti Andersen Sofa 2
3ds Max 2011
3D model Kitbash3D – Veh: Spaceships
Kitbash3D – Veh: Spaceships
3D model Tech Soldier PBR
Tech Soldier PBR
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Tactical Radio Communication PBR
Tactical Radio
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Steampunk Camera PBR
Steampunk Camera PBR
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Soviet DShK Machinegun PBR
Soviet DShK Machinegun
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Soviet Car OKA PBR
Soviet Car OKA PBR
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model RPD Hand Machinegun PBR
RPD Hand Machinegun PBR
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model PBR Plasma Revolver
PBR Plasma Revolver
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Old Water Fountain PBR
Old Water Fountain PBR
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Kitbash3D – Neo Tokyo 2
Kitbash3D – Neo Tokyo 2
3D model Old Soviet Car PBR
Old Soviet Car PBR
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Old Door PBR
Old Door PBR
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Oil Barrel PBR
Oil Barrel PBR
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model M31 recovery vehicle PBR
M31 recovery vehicle
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Industrial Props PBR
Industrial Props PBR
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Golden Birchknight Helmet PBR
Golden Birchknight
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model FRVR Fighter Flighter PBR
FRVR Fighter Flighter
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Sweater Scanned
Sweater Scanned
3dm, obj
3D model Cooktop Titanium
Cooktop Titanium
3ds Max 2015 (Vray, Corona), fbx
3D model Black ceramic marble with multitexture fap Corona and Vray
Black ceramic marble
3ds Max 2014 (Vray, Corona), fbx
3D model Backhausen Fabric ELISE, THEO
Backhausen Fabric
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Sofa Vulcano by Flexform
Sofa Vulcano by
3ds Max 2011
3D model RIG Modules - Bathroom with Decor Set 01
RIG Modules - Bathroom
3ds Max 2013, 2016
3D model Mayfair - Visionnaire Home Kitchen
Mayfair - Visionnaire
3ds Max 2016
3D model Kitchen Decorative set 050
Kitchen Decorative set
3ds Max
3D model Bouquet of lilies with lilies of the Valley
Bouquet of lilies with
3ds Max 2010, fbx
3D model Indian Business Man Sitting
Indian Business Man
3ds Max, obj, fbx, stl, 3ds
3D model Casual woman walking with a bag and phone
Casual woman walking
3ds Max (Vray, Corona), obj
3D model Casual man sitting and reading newspaper
Casual man sitting and
3ds Max (Vray, Corona), obj
3D model Casual man in a blue shirt walking and talking
Casual man in a blue
3ds Max (Vray, Corona), obj
3D model Peugeot iOn 2011 Hum 3D
Peugeot iOn 2011 Hum 3D
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Peterbilt 359 semitruck
Peterbilt 359 semitruck
3D model Toyota Tacoma XRunner 2011 car
Toyota Tacoma XRunner
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D model Hum 3D Acura NSX 2016 H3D
Hum 3D Acura NSX 2016
3ds Max, obj, fbx
3D modeling ain't easy, we've said time and time again. Honestly, we can't stress this enough. People think that it's fairly simple, but they are wrong. Dead wrong. It's not like we care about the general public's opinion anyways. We only care about bringing you the very best 3D models the internet has to offer. We are letting you download 3D models with no extra hassle and no hidden fees. That's how we roll!
Let's list the kinds of 3D models we have on here – collections, architecture and exterior, plants, furniture, electronics, bathroom, kitchen equipment, interior and décor, light fixture, human and character, food and drink, aircraft, watercraft, vehicle and transport, military and weapon, animals, hospital-medical, holiday and gifts, musical equipment, office equipment, service equipment, sports and entertainment, clothing and shoes, cosmetics and beauty, industrial design, toys and children's, jewelry, other. See that? That's fairly impressive. Takes up half the page. Let's go over some of the categories that we think would be useful for you, just because they are incredibly popular.
The obvious for choice for you would be COLLECTION. Well, there are many different collections featuring many different selections of 3D models. There is Archmodels by Evermotion, 3DDD/3Dsky models, CGAxis, Viz-People, AXYZ Design, there's all sorts of bundles by the well-known model-makers. We don't miss any bundle or any volume, so you can rest assured knowing that you ain't gonna miss out on anything. The architecture category is insanely big and diverse. You get Dutch houses, rustic well, mannequin with ivy (just like Annihilation, only less creepy), small European house, octagonal wooden garden that looks like a gazebo, along with many others.
Plants, trees and bushes… Well, you're in for a surprise. There are all kinds of items in there, including rye, Dahlia, tulips, roses, hydrangeas, you name it. Even an experienced botanist would go WOW after looking at this selection. No matter the purpose, we believe you will be able to find the right flower. The 3d models of light fixture category has a ton of different light sources, including chandelier, sconce, floor lamps, desk lamps, you name it. The human/character category has plenty to offer, as well. You have Porg from Star Wars, you have that mechanic blond from the latest Final Fantasy game, you have Iron Man, you have Judy Hopps and, of course, bikini-clad female character. Obviously.
Vehicle, transport 3D models category has all sorts of cars and vehicles, including motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, SUVs, and so forth. Office equipment 3D model category includes every piece of semi-useless office junk you can possibly think of and that's admirable. 3D models in the sports, entertainment, fitness category, you'll get to see pool tables, rowing machines, and so forth. The miscellaneous category was created for very specific and very different models, including paper bags, wooden barrels, industrial washers, packing boxes, cash machine, storage boxes, just to name a few.
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